Associated Meetings

Focused on the issues driving the geospatial industry forward, leading organisations are hosting various associated meetings at GEO Business 2017. All associated meetings were FREE to attend.  


UK BIM Alliance
Date & Time TBC

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BIM4Heritage-logo6How can BIM help to the understanding and preservation of the historic environment?

Date & Time TBC

The BIM4Heritage is a special interest group established within the BIM4Communities to champion Building Information Modelling (BIM) within the Historic Environment.

This presentation looks at what the group has been working since its formation and aims to promote the learning, awareness and understanding of BIM within the conservation and heritage sector of the built environment.

RICS_AMHow to gain chartered surveyor status in a globalised industry

Date & Time TBC

The routes to individual chartered surveyor status, technical (AssocRICS) membership and the commercial advantages of being ‘regulated’ by RICS.

WiBThe requirement to address the low representation of Women in BIM Related Roles

Women in BIM
Date & Time TBC

The low representation of Women in Construction is a critical issue for the future of the AEC industry. Not only is this important in terms of having the people and skills necessary to deliver projects in the context of BIM but also to provide for diversity amongst project teams and allow for a more productive workforce. Women in BIM was founded in 2012 and its main intention is to create an opportunity for women to be supported, while also connecting women across the world to encourage and mentor them. The group’s initiative grew in 2016 and now they form an organization which focuses on supporting, encouraging and promoting women in BIM Related roles. This session will give you an update on the progress to date, the development of the database and the way in which Women in BIM hope to achieve growth in this space.


Geo-enabling BIM – Engaging with Industry

Date & Time TBC

Survey4BIM has commenced tackling the Big5 Survey Challenges starting with Accuracy. It is also looking to keep the Survey Industry engaged and learning about BIM. Seizing the opportunities the digital revolution presents for surveyors, industry partners and our clients. During this session we will present an overview of both, how we are facing our challenges and how we are going to upskill as a profession and an industry.

Leading on the Big5 Accuracy Challenge our workgroup will present their work to date and what is happening next. There is plenty of opportunity to get involved in the feedback or directly in the Challenge. Coupled with defining geospatial accuracy and tolerance for a Geo-Enabled BIM world, we are also starting our Interoperability Challenge.  This is the next building block in the Big5 and something, when it comes to Grids and Formats, is close to everyone’s heart, sometimes in pain, but something we want to convert into the joy of surveying J !. No small challenge we have to admit.

On engaging with Industry Survey4BIM has commenced a fantastic link up with the UK Apprenticeship Initiative, thanks to the fantastic drive of our Education and Professional Development Workstream members. We are also very active in the UK BIM Alliance development, which has taken up the Governments BIM Task Groups objective of embedding BIM Level 2 in industry. Members of Survey4BIM will be reporting back on what’s happening – including hopefully updates on our shared communications and technology platform for BIM4’s and UKBIMA – currently a work in progress here

So please do join this talk at Geo Business. As ever it will be interactive – diversity and inclusivity is a fundamental ingredient of success. For those who enjoyed watching the committee members engage in the debate last year, it is guaranteed that your voice will make all the difference to our success .

TSA_AMAddressing the skills shortage in the survey profession

Date & Time TBC

TSA is actively addressing the acute shortage of surveyors in the survey profession – come for an update on the Geospatial Apprenticeship, new Level 3 Qualification and The Survey School.

GCICES_AMlobal qualifications for geospatial professionals

Date & Time TBC

How to achieve recognition of your and your team’s professional competence through the leading membership body for civil engineering surveyors.

agi_LogoFutureFocus: what will the next generation of geographers do?

Date & Time TBC

There was a time when geographers were a dying breed, and GI was a man named Joe. Now we’re finding new, exciting – well-paid – opportunities in every sector, and geographic information holds the key to almost every kind of progress. We’re using location to inform policy-making; bridging the gaps in Big Data developments; shaping our national infrastructure, and helping to build a much better Britain. Visit us to find out the questions we’re being asked by today’s employers – and discover what the AGI is already doing for the geographers of tomorrow.

CConsultingWhere LogoonsultingWhere’s UK location market survey 2017 launch

Date & Time TBC

This market survey (the fourth in the series) is the result of in-depth analysis of the financial results of over 700 organisations, an extensive set of interviews and contributions from sector experts, details of key mergers and acquisitions and analysis of recruitment patterns.

In the session, we will present the headline market size figures and industry growth forecasts that our research reveals. The analysts
who undertook the survey will be on hand to answer questions.

TGEO_ICEhe value of ICE membership

Date & Time TBC

ICE will present the benefits, opportunities and means of becoming part of ICE’s infrastructure community.  Whether a professional qualification, or newly launched Associate Membership (AMICE) for professionals within the built environment, ICE will outline the value of joining a 91,000 strong global community of professionals.

MapAction2GIS in humanitarian context

Date & Time TBC

How MapAction is adjusting its response model to meet the challenges of a growing number of conflict-related emergencies.


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