Brent Jones
Global Manager Land Records/ Cadastre, ESRI US
Tuesday 23 May, 2017
11.45 – 12.10

Where is the disruption….
Where is the disruption – this is not a question.‘Where’ is actually the disruption. The concept and science of where has evolved from merely understanding where we are, to unlimited analytical capabilities to understand not just where we are, but how all things interact, interrelate and affect each other based on their location. We will discuss a few disruptive spatial technologies that are changing the way we think, plan, act and react, and how we are leveraging these new spatial capabilities to leap frog traditional approaches with new systems and institutions. This presentation will detail particularly exciting opportunities for the developing world in land administration.

Based in Washington D.C., Brent Jones oversees Esri’s worldwide strategic planning, business development, and marketing activities for land records, cadastral, surveying, and land administration. As a recognised technology innovator, Jones specializes in modernising existing land administration systems and designing new GIS-based cadastral management platforms for small and large governments around the globe. He is a member of the URISA board of directors, past president of the Geospatial Information and Technology Association and a current member of the United Nations Committee of Experts on Geospatial Information Management sitting on the Expert Group on Land Administration and Management. Established in 1969, Esri creates systems that drive all components of land and cadastral administration, including addressing, registration, taxation/valuation, planning, and development.

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