Jens Peder Kristensen
CEO, TinyMobileRobots
Tuesday 23 May, 2017
12.35 – 13.00

Efficient outdoor stake out with autonomous robot The autonomous robot can find the location for marking or height measurement with the same precision of a manual surveyor, but three times faster. Indeed, while manual surveying requires a laborious search for the right coordinate, the robot simply employs an algorithm that optimises its movements. Since the robot locates coordinates at about three times the speed of a surveyor, it does not require many coordinates to locate before using the robot becomes profitable. Additionally, unlike human workers, who must take breaks, robots can work for as long as the task requires. During large tasks that can involve hundreds—or perhaps even thousands—of coordinates, the robot clearly outmatches manual surveying in time costs, as it can tirelessly execute the task at hand with much fewer mistakes than a surveyor, needing only a change of battery every eight hours or so. The presenter will present the robot, typical use of the robot and go through a number of hands-on experiences with the robot including external quality measurements.

Jens Peder Kristensen finished a bachelor in electronic engineering in 1984 and added an MBA in business administration from Henley in 2005. After working as a consultant in transport related information technologies he founded his own consultancy in 2004. His knowledge about IT and transport was used when he in 2013 started working with robotics, and this lead to the founding of TinyMobileRobots in 2015.

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