Jos Creese

Chief Executive, CCL, Independent Advisor for the public and private sectors, Principal Analyst, Eduserv
Wednesday 24 May, 2017
12.00 – 12.25

Geo Intelligence – trends in smart places Smart cities concepts are now widening to regions. People live, work, use services, and pass their leisure time in a complex web of local, regional and national places. Smart places can link these different services and locations together, if policy and planning are joined up, bringing a range of benefits. After all, we all travel between cities, or travel in for to urban areas to work. Smart places exploit the benefit of a range of geo-based technologies, for travel, for business, for public service and for everyday lives. Geo-based technology connects people, communities, business and fundamental infrastructure services in ways never before possible: this is digital transformation at its best – putting people and places at the heart of technology value for economic and societal benefits. This talk will explore the risks and the opportunities for smart places in exploiting this potential.

Jos has worked for county, district and unitary councils as well as central government. For over a decade until 2015 he was CIO and CDO for Hampshire County Council. He is a past president of Socitm and the immediate past President of BCS (2015), the Chartered Institute for IT.

Jos worked on national government digital programmes and has led large-scale mergers, international IT programmes and the start-up and subsequent sale of a tech business. His work has included developing technology, information and digital strategies across the public sector, especially to support transformation and shared Services underpinned by commercial models.

In 2010 he was listed as the ‘most influential and innovative CIO’ in the UK in the ‘Silicon 50’ CIO survey and included in the ‘Top 100 CIO’ list since its inception until becoming a consultant.

Having held various CIO and non-executive director positions, Jos is now an independent consultant, providing expert advice to public and private sectors on digital and IT strategy – helping the public and the private sectors to work better together.

This includes helping local public service to sharpen their commercial and business practice, and helping the private sector to understand what is needed in a fast-changing public sector.

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