Miranda Sharp
Head of Smart Cities Practice, Ordnance Survey
Wednesday 24 May, 2017
14.00 – 15.55

GEO Business Question Time: What is the future of the geospatial industry?

Miranda Sharp created Ordnance Survey’s Smart Practice, setting new and perhaps surprising directions for Great Britain’s national mapping agency. She heads a team offering geospatial insights, innovation, and incubation support for projects and start-ups that want to seize the golden opportunities now emerging from a ‘Smarter’ world. The Internet of Things will impact us all and driverless vehicles are on the near horizon, but Miranda is most enthused by what ‘Smart’ may hold for our local authorities and the private sector: greater connectivity (and better business models) that should generate more value for shareholders and better outcomes for us all. Originally a chemist, Miranda is also a recovering rugby player.

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