2017 Exhibitors

Exhibitor Website Country Stand  
+ 135 Geographic Squadron RE www.army.mod.uk/royalengineers/units/28731.aspx UK E8 twitter

135 Geo Sqn is an Army Reserve Unit that provides a range of capabilities to support Defence ranging from data collection (including geodetic survey), provision of terrain analysis and advice to planners, and distribution of geographic mapping products in an operational environment using modern software and state-of-the-art technology.

+ 2nd Quadrant 2ndQuadrant.com UK L23 twitter

2ndQuadrant is a world leader in GIS and full spectrum data management with PostGIS & PostgreSQL. Platinum Sponsors of PostgreSQL and authors of BRIN indexes they provide support for PostGIS & mission critical deployments, DBA and consulting services.

+ 3D Laser Mapping www.3dlasermapping.com UK N1 twitter

Creators of the world’s most flexible mobile mapping system ROBIN, 3D Laser Mapping are specialists in laser scanning technology. With products and solutions to map and monitor the world in 3D, our expert integrations can help you to gather unrivalled geospatial intelligence in any environment.

+ 3D Target Srl www.3dtarget.it Italy K20

3D TARGET designed and developed 3DT SCANFLY: The payload LIDAR not only for UAS, the turnkey solution for 3D lidar mapping. Ultra-compact and lightweight, the installation is possible on any vehicle and with BACKPACK option too. During GEOBUSINESS we’re releasing the new 3DT SMART PROCESSING: The mobile mapping data analysis software.

+ 3DReshaper www.3dreshaper.com France D11 twitter

3DReshaper is an easy-to-use and affordable software dedicated to point cloud processing for various applications. It is a complete toolbox to meet many 3D modeling or inspection needs. Thanks to its Topography module, this is an essential software for all surveyors working with point clouds.

A1 Survey www.a1surveyequipment.net UK L7
+ AeroScientific www.aeroscientific.com.au Australia B5 twitter

AeroScientific is excited to be exhibiting its award winning “Aviatrix” flight management system: a collection of software and hardware tools to flight plan aerial photography missions, provide pilot navigation, and control aerial cameras on manned aircraft.

+ AGI www.agi.org.uk UK C2 twitter

The AGI represents the interests of the geographic information industry, including users in the public and private sectors, suppliers of software, hardware, data and services, consultants, academics and interested individuals. By providing this forum, AGI can give unparalleled opportunities to communicate with the GI community for mutual benefit..

Allied Associates Geophysical www.allied-associates.co.uk UK K19
+ Analytik www.analytik.co.uk UK N24 twitter

Leading suppliers of analytical instrumentation to the UK and Ireland, including portable and handheld spectroscopy, hyperspectral and multispectral imaging. Analytik are official partners of Headwall Photonics. From earth-orbiting satellites to small, hand-launched UAVs, Headwall’s sensors are designed to deliver outstanding optical performance.

+ Applanix www.applanix.com USA L1

Applanix, a subsidiary of Trimble, develops advanced products and scalable solutions that maximize productivity through Mobile Mapping and Positioning. Whether guiding robotic vehicles, mapping the seafloor, or mapping indoor and other GNSS denied areas, with the Trimble Indoor Mobile Mapping Solution, we have the solution you need.

+ Applications in CADD www.appsincadd.co.uk UK N2 twitter

A UK leading supplier of Mapping & Modelling and specialist data capture software. Last year they announced a new 3D viewer to their popular n4ce software. This year they go even further introducing new features and new a licencing and pricing policy.

Avenza Systems www.avenza.com Canada C11 twitter
+ Avineon Europe www.avineon.com UK L11

Avineon was founded in 1992 as an information technology service provider specialising in Geographic Information and IT services. The cornerstone of Avineon’s success in each of these disciplines is their standardised approach to listening to their clients and provide them with tools and services that are fit for purpose.

+ AziMap www.azimap.com Ireland B11 twitter

Azimap web GIS, which is currently used by hundreds of GI professionals worldwide has been developed on the core principle of being a customer focused, scalable and agile web mapping solution, to provide our customers with the tools to visualise, analyse and share their spatial data via the web.

+ Bentley Systems www.bentley.com UK C1 twitter

Bentley’s comprehensive solutions for public infrastructure encompasses local, regional, state, provincial, national, and federal, for the design, construction, and management of public infrastructure. Their offerings include multi-discipline design modelling, reality modelling, mapping and GIS, and electronic plan review. Their content management solution improves information visibility across departments and agencies, providing the collaborative environment to enable more effective decisions.

Bioflight www.bioflight.dk Denmark K13
Blue Marble Geographics www.bluemarblegeo.com USA J5 twitter
+ Bluesky International www.bluesky-world.com UK K1 twitter

An innovative geographic information company with the capability to capture, process and derive a broad range of market specific spatial datasets. These include national aerial photography, DTM, DSM and tree map products as well as bespoke surveys and services such as LiDAR, thermal imagery, and 3D modelling.

+ Bridgeway Consulting www.bridgeway-consulting.co.uk UK L16 twitter

Bridgeway Consulting are a multifaceted engineering and access management company. The Geomatics Team specialise in survey control networks, topographical and pointcloud surveys, UAV, deformation monitoring, utility surveys, data extraction and BIM. Originally conceived as a rail business, Bridgeway have diversified, working on highways, waterways, local authorities and utility provider sites.

British Cartographic Society www.cartography.org.uk UK N22 twitter
+ Caledonian Air Surveys www.caledonianairsurveys.co.uk UK K17 twitter

Specialists in bespoke vertical and oblique aerial survey photography using medium-format digital cameras to acquire RGB and CIR imagery. Operating their own light aircraft, they provide an economical service throughout the UK and Eire. A full post-processing service supplying GIS-ready orthorectified imagery and DSMs is available.

Camborne School of Mines   www.emps.exeter.ac.uk UK E5 twitter
+ Carlson Software www.carlsonsw.com UK M9 twitter

Carlson Software is used by professionals in land surveying, civil engineering, construction, machine control, mining, and more throughout the world. Providing powerful, yet easy-to-use features in its software, backed by dedicated customer service has been the hallmark of the company since its founding in 1983.

+ CATSURVEYS Group www.cat-surveys.com UK N11 twitter

CATSURVEYS are specialists in underground utility detection. Enabling companies to design, plan & do their construction work safely. This is achieved by combining their “world class” work model, the best people and the right technologies. Their high quality, bespoke surveys protect their clients workforce and keep the infrastructure operational.

+ Certainty 3D www.certainty3d.com USA H5 twitter

Certainty 3D is software company focused on the productive, high performance processing of LiDAR data. C3D’s primary product, TopoDOT®, is a comprehensive solution successfully addressing the challenges of processing LiDAR data across the spectrum of data management, quality assessment and extraction of features, topographies and 3D models.

+ CGG NPA Satellite Mapping www.cgg.com/npa UK K6 twitter

CGG’s NPA Satellite Mapping group is a world-leading supplier of satellite images, multi-client products and bespoke mapping services. Since 1972 our solutions have responded to the challenging requirements of international clients, reducing risk and enhancing knowledge during the exploration, development and production of natural resources in offshore and onshore environments.

+ Chartered ICES www.cices.org UK C2 twitter

The Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors is an international qualifying body dedicated to the regulation, education and training of surveyors working within civil engineering. ICES is recognised as the leading chartered professional body for civil engineering surveyors and offers relevant and meaningful competencies for geospatial engineers and commercial managers.

CHC Navigation Europe www.chcnav.com Hungary K22
+ ClearEdge 3D www.clearedge3d.com USA G1 twitter

A leader in automated modeling technology and maker of EdgeWise, they’re reshaping how existing conditions are modelled from point cloud data. If you scan/model as-builts, they’ll help deliver better models faster; reducing modeling time by upwards of 70% for piping, steel, ducts and more. ClearEdge3D. Efficiency you can build on..

ComNav Technology www.comnavtech.com China M23
+ Cranfield University www.cranfield.ac.uk UK E5 twitter

Exclusively postgraduate and one of the top five research-intensive universities in the UK. Specialist areas: Water, Environment and Agrifood, Energy and Power, Manufacturing, Transport Systems, Aerospace, Defence and Security, and Management.

+ Cyient www.infotech-enterprises.com UK M24

Is one of the UK’s leading providers of aerial photography, LiDAR and digital mapping solutions for civil engineering, environmental assessment and land information management. Their sensors operate from mobile, rotary wing and fixed wing platforms servicing Government, Defence & Security, Transport and Infrastructure and Renewable Energy.

Datron Technology www.datrontechnology.co.uk UK M10
Datumate www.datumate.com Isarel B4
+ DotProduct www.dotproduct3d.com UK H9 twitter

Develop high performance, easy-to-use solutions for capturing 3D data. Their technology is designed for mobile professionals who need quality spatial data, instantly. DotProduct software turns Android tablets into real-time 3D-capture and processing solutions for the job site. This can simplify, augment, and in some cases replace laser scanning workflows.

+ Drilline Products www.drilline.com UK F8 twitter

Drilline Products are exclusive UK & Ireland distributors for IDS, the Italian manufacturer of leading Ground Penetrating Radar systems. We are exhibiting the Opera Duo and the new innovative Stream-C system, a gamechanger in utility detection and mapping. Also displaying systems for Inertial Pipeline Mapping, Railtrack Investigation and Structural Monitoring.

+ Earth-i earthi.space/ UK L22

EARTH-i delivers global, timely and assured image data and analytics, generating actionable insights for a range of clients in government and commerce, for any location on Earth. The DMC3/TripleSat Constellation offers very high resolution, multispectral data at 80cm pixel size, with up to daily revisits to any area of interest.

eCapture www.ecapture.es Spain N5 twitter
+ Environment Agency www.gov.uk/government/organisations/environment-agency UK N18 twitter

The Environment Agency (EA) protects and improves the environment and promotes sustainable development. It plays a central role in implementing the government’s environmental strategy in England. The Environment Agency plays a lead role in managing flood risk and works to minimise the impact of flooding.

Exon Tech www.exontech.com UK A4
+ Faro Technologies www.faro.com UK M27 twitter

FARO also offer the new, intuitive FARO® Scanner Freestyle3D which is the only industrial-grade handheld device allowing to scan almost any kind of surfaces and environments. It provides a fast and easy to use scanning solution with verifiable accuracy of the 3D colour scan data.

+ FLIR Systems www.flir.com/iis Canada K7

FLIR Systems makes spherical video a reality by providing affordable hardware and software packages that deliver high-resolution 360° visual coverage. The new Ladybug 5+ adopts a new Sony Pregius global shutter CMOS sensor for vastly improved image quality, eliminating solar smearing in outdoor images and delivering better colour response.

+ Forsberg Services www.forsbergservices.co.uk UK M2

We are a navigation systems integrator and OEM component supplier. We have been a successful NovAtel outlet since 1997 with strong engineering experience in navigation; specialising in PCB, software and mechanical design. Our offices are based in the UK and Germany


+ Geomatrix Earth Science www.geomatrix.co.uk UK B6 twitter

As a leading company within geophysical sales and rentals they are committed to providing unbeatable service, value and equipment to our customers. Their interests span many disciplines allowing us to draw upon new ideas and developments from other industries and apply them to near surface geophysical prospection.

+ GeoMax Positioning www.geomax-positioning.com UK L7 twitter

GeoMax is an international company developing, manufacturing and distributing quality construction and surveying instruments delivering outstanding price-to-performance. Its comprehensive product portfolio includes easy-to-use, yet highly productive range of total stations, GPS, lasers and levels. GeoMax is part of Hexagon, a leading global provider of integrated design, measurement and visualisation technologies.

+ GeoSLAM geoslam.com/ UK G9 twitter

GeoSLAM Ltd is a UK-based manufacturer and supplier of handheld, 3D mapping systems for indoor mobile mapping. They utilise an award-winning Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping (SLAM) algorithm in their products; the ZEB1 and the ZEB-REVO. They also provide both online and off-line data registration packages; GeoSLAM Cloud and GeoSLAM Desktop.

+ Gexcel www.gexcel.it Italy K14

Gexcel has a rich history spanning more than 10 years of proven fully featured lidar and imagery analysis software (JRC 3D Reconstructor®) and solutions compatible with the main terrestrial, mobile and hand-held scanners. HERON® is the wearable innovative system for the real-time indoor-outdoor Mobile Mapping.

+ GIM International www.gim-international.com Netherlands L15 twitter

GIM International is a high-quality information source for the geomatics industry, and focuses on worldwide issues bringing to its readership the latest insights and developments in both technology and management. GIM International is available in print and online – anytime, anywhere.

+ GIS Cloud www.giscloud.com USA K5 twitter

GIS Cloud, launched in 2010 and is one of the leading cloud GIS services providers in the market. Offering a range of mobile and web based applications, GIS Cloud provides solutions for many different industries, focusing on the development of an intuitive platform with unmatched collaboration and sharing capabilities.

GRACE, The University of Nottingham www.nottingham.ac.uk/grace UK E5 twitter
Group BC www.groupbc.com UK M15 twitter
+ Guideline Geo – ABEM MALA www.guidelinegeo.com Sweden K33

With its two subsidiaries, MALÅ Geoscience and ABEM, Guideline Geo is able to offer world-leading geophysical instrumentation, innovative solutions and unparalleled technical expertise. Their broad range of GPR, resistivity, seismic and electromagnetic products means they can provide the perfect subsurface mapping tools, no matter what market sector you operate within.

+ Gwalia Surveyors www.gwaliasurveyors.co.uk UK A11 twitter

Gwalia Surveyors are a multi-disciplinary surveying practice offering quality survey solutions for a range of projects and client needs. Established in 1982, Gwalia Surveyors have grown and developed new skills to cater for the changing demands of the construction industry. We now offer a complete portfolio of surveying services.

+ Harris Corporation www.harris.com USA J12 twitter

Harris Geospatial Solutions provides data, analytics, and actionable information that enable smarter decisions. Our Geiger-Mode LiDAR sensors collect higher density point clouds on a larger scale. This opens multiple applications and markets: we can collect once for large areas and make distinct products with different densities to support different applications.

+ Headwall Photonics www.headwallphotonics.com USA N24 twitter

A global leader in the production of multispectral and hyperspectral imagers for the following core markets: remote sensing, advanced machine vision and defence. Headwall’s instruments are small, light, and exceptionally precise to meet demanding spectral imaging applications. Headwall are official partners of Analytik Ltd, leading suppliers of analytical instrumentation.

Hemisphere GNSS www.hemispheregnss.com USA H15
+ IDS Georadar www.idsgeoradar.com Italy F8

IDS GeoRadar, part of Hexagon, is a leading provider of multi-frequency, multi-channel Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Interferometric technology solutions worldwide. The company is committed to delivering best-in-class performance solutions through the creation of application-specific, innovative systems for a wide range of applications including utility, civil engineering, and environment management.

IGI www.igi-systems.com Germany K15
Infotec www.infotec1.net UK F5 twitter
+ Institution of Civil Engineers www.ice.org.uk UK C2 twitter

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) strives to promote and progress civil engineering. ICE was founded in 1818 and was granted a royal charter in 1828 where they declared that their aim was to “foster and promote the art and science of civil engineering”. That is still their aim today and they represent around 80,000 members worldwide.

+ INTERGEO 2017 www.intergeo.de/ Germany M16 twitter

INTERGEO is the global hub of the geospatial community. More than 550 exhibitors from 30 countries, attended by the market leaders of every branch of the industry. The focus for 2016 has been set on cities as economic and living environments, in other words Smart Cities and BIM.

+ Juniper Systems www.junipersys.com UK C9 twitter

Designs and manufactures ultra-rugged handheld computers for field data collection in extreme environments. Long-life batteries, faster processing, and intuitive functionality combine for highly accurate data. Together, their NEW CT5 Rugged Android® Smartphone and NEW Geode™ Sub-Meter GPS Receiver create a powerhouse solution for precise field data collection.

+ K-MATIC www.korecgroup.com UK L6 twitter

K-MATIC provides a wide range of off the shelf and customised data capture software solutions. Developed in house, the K-MATIC team works on the principle that customisation is the key to solving industry specific challenges. Key solutions include K-Mobile and K-Asset; outside will be Trimble mobile mapping systems.

Kaarta www.kaarta.com USA J17
+ KOREC www.korecgroup.com UK L6 twitter

For over 40 years KOREC have been dedicated to providing customers with the best possible productivity solutions and surveying equipment, and their partnership with Trimble means that they’re sure to have the right answer – whatever your requirements.

+ Land Registry www.gov.uk/government/organisations/land-registry UK M26 twitter

Land Registry will become the sole registering authority for Local Land Charges (LLC) in England and Wales and will create a single, digital LLC service that will improve access for property professionals and citizens and standardise fees and turnaround times.

The legislative changes for LLC are part of the Infrastructure Act 2015

+ Laser Technology www.lasertech.com USA F10

Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) is a true pioneer in the design, manufacture and distribution of laser distance measurement devices. Increase GIS field data collection workflow efficiency by utilizing smart devices, apps, as well as internal and external GPS/GNSS with compact total station laser rangefinders. Stand anywhere and position anything with LTI.

+ Leica Geosystems www.leica-geosystems.co.uk UK G2 twitter

Revolutionising the world of measurement and survey for nearly 200 years, Leica Geosystems creates complete solutions for professionals across the planet. With precise and accurate instruments, sophisticated software, and dependable services, Leica Geosystems delivers value every day to those shaping the future of our world.

+ LISTECH www.listech.com Australia N10

LISTECH is a leader in the development of smart, innovative software solutions for the Surveying, Civil Engineering and Geospatial industries. Their products include: Neo which integrates surveying with BIM, GIS, CAD for seamless exchanging of attribute rich data. Plus our traditional LISCAD surveying & engineering software known throughout the world.

+ LUCIAD www.luciad.com Belgium A6

Luciad delivers geospatial software solutions that power the world’s mission critical operations.
Our APIs provide developers with advanced visual analytics that allow them to unlock the potential of real time location intelligence and create the foundations for next generation geospatial systems.

+ Macleod Simmonds www.macleodsimmonds.com UK J15 twitter

Designs and manufactures ultra-rugged handheld computers for field data collection in extreme environments. Long-life batteries, faster processing, and intuitive functionality combine for highly accurate data. Together, their NEW CT5 Rugged Android® Smartphone and NEW Geode™ Sub-Meter GPS Receiver create a powerhouse solution for precise field data collection.

+ MapAction www.mapaction.org UK E6 twitter

MapAction is a humanitarian mapping charity that works through skilled volunteers. Its aim is to save lives and minimise suffering by making the response to humanitarian emergencies as efficient and effective as possible. Since 2002 MapAction has responded to 69 humanitarian emergencies including the recent Nepal earthquakes and Mediterranean crisis.

+ McCarthy Taylor Systems LSS www.dtmsoftware.com UK N13 twitter

LSS, the terrain modelling and survey processing software has entered a new era with the launch earlier this year of v10. With groundbreaking pointcloud capabilities and a new interface, LSS v10 continues to be at the forefront of software technology. LSS software from just £250 a year includes support.

+ MicroSurvey Software www.microsurvey.com Canada J13 twitter

MicroSurvey creates software solutions for land surveyors, forensic specialists, and construction professionals. STAR*NET, our least squares adjustment software, is well known around the world. MicroSurvey CAD, our flagship product, provides a cost effective way for surveyors to create quality deliverables – not to mention its world class point cloud features.

+ MJ Rees & Company www.mjrees.co.uk UK A2

MJ Rees and Company routinely supply 3d pipeline mapping information for BIM projects and to the PAS 128 specification. TheReduct system records the 3d profile to a high level of accuracy, regardless of the depth, surrounding ground conditions or pipe material.

+ Murphy Surveys www.murphysurveys.co.uk UK G5 twitter

A leading land and engineering survey company in the British Isles. They cover many areas of surveying such as BIM, laser scanning, topographic surveys, setting out, monitoring surveys, tunnels, railways, rivers, measured survey services, land surveys services, utility, GPR and more

+ NavVis www.navvis.com Germany N9 twitter

NavVis develops cutting edge technology that fully digitizes indoor spaces and processes. With the NavVis M3 Trolley, the time to collect data can be reduced by 90% compared to an approach with terrestrial laser scanning. The Trolley creates precise, colored point clouds that can be loaded point cloud processing tools.

+ NCTech www.nctechimaging.com UK H13 twitter

NCTech design and manufacture leading 360 degree reality imaging systems that streamline the workflow of image documentation and can be used repeatedly, accurately, consistently by anyone anywhere.

+ Newcastle University www.ncl.ac.uk UK F11 twitter

Ranked as one of the world’s elite 200 universities, Newcastle University hosts one of the world’s foremost Geomatics academic groups. Their work includes world-leading research, internationally-renowned degrees, CPD courses, consultancy services, and a global alumni network in the geospatial industry.

+ Ohmex www.ohmex.com UK N8

SonarMite, the world’s first survey grade echo sounder to be truly portable using Bluetooth technology to communicate directly with the Leica ‘Captivate’ and Trimble ‘Access’ controllers. On the booth will be the ‘HyDrone’ remote controlled catamaran providing an easy to use method to survey rivers, lakes, canals and inshore estuaries.

+ Opti-cal Survey Equipment www.surveyequipment.com UK H1 twitter

Opti-cal Survey Equipment is an industry-leading supplier of land survey & precision measurement technologies. Supporting professionals across a diverse range of industries from Engineering and Construction, to Archaeology and Forensics, we hire & sell both new & reconditioned equipment, as well as providing comprehensive service, technical support and training.

+ Orbit GT www.orbitgt.com Belgium N6 twitter

Orbit Geospatial Technologies is a world leader in software solutions for dedicated markets, specialised in Mobile Mapping, UAS Mapping, Oblique Mapping and Photogrammetry. The portfolio supports all collection systems, processing, feature extraction, sharing, publishing and workflow integration. Orbit GT is headquartered in Lokeren, Belgium.

+ Ordnance Survey www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk UK N25 twitter

Britain’s mapping agency. They make the most up-to-date and accurate maps of the country. But they’re also a digital business, and they use their content to help governments, companies and individuals be more effective both in the UK and around the world. They work with governments, private industry, and individuals alike, since the data we produce touches and connects the lives of everyone in the country

+ Oxford Technical Solutions www.oxts.co.uk UK M10

OxTS manufactures precision GNSS+INS systems for measuring continuous position. Easily integrated with external sensors, their Survey+ and Inertial+ products are invaluable for an array of applications. The xNAV and xOEM products are their smallest solution for size/weight constrained applications.

+ PBH Surveys www.pbhrail.com UK K11

PBH Surveys employ a dedicated specialist survey team operating throughout the UK. Our team of professional staff provide a full spectrum of survey support services including but not limited to 3D topographical surveys, 3D high definition point cloud scanning, Gauging surveys, Overhead Line Equipment Surveys, Drainage Surveys and Onsite Technical Support.

+ Peli Products www.peliproducts.co.uk UK L29 twitter

Peli UK will display their range of protective cases for the finest micro instruments to large survey systems and drones. Survey and monitoring equipment can be built into the cases using panel frames for easy installation of electronic control panels. Their custom foam inserts offer the optimum in equipment protection.

pix4D www.pix4d.com Switzerland H1
+ Pixpro www.pixprocessing.com Lithuania N16 twitter

PixProcessing is a cutting-edge software application performing 3D structure reconstruction from aerial and handheld imagery. It’s essential in mapping, mining, geodesy, architecture, archeology, surveying industries. With PixProcessing, enjoy easy stockpile and pit volume calculation, quickly scan the landscape and register cultural heritage. PixProcessing makes your work faster and easier.

Positioning Resources www.posres.co.uk UK L10
+ Premier Energy Services www.premierenergy.co.uk UK M13 twitter

Specialists in underground utility information – National online ordering including instant quoting engine for the delivery of utility asset reports and interactive utility mapping. Coming soon… GeoPALMs as well as Premier Prime, TOPUP and Premier Plus – reporting solutions offering variety and cost estimations.

+ Radiodetection SPX www.spx.com UK C8 twitter

Radiodetection, a world leader in the design, development and supply of cable and pipe locators will be demonstrating the gC.A.T4® and Genny4® range of cable locators. Also on show will be the RD8100™ and RD7100™ precision locators and the RD1500™ and RD1100™ Ground Penetrating Radar Systems. For more information visit www.radiodetection.com

+ RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems www.riegl.com Austria N1 twitter

Providing terrestrial, industrial, mobile, bathymetric, airborne and UAS/UAV-based laser scanners and laser scanning systems – will showcase their latest developments on booth N1 in cooperation with their distribution partner 3D Laser Mapping.

Rothbucher Systeme www.rothbucher.de Germany J17
Routescene www.routescene.com UK K24 twitter
Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) www.rgs.org UK TBC twitter
+ Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) www.rics.org UK C2 twitter

RICS was created in 1868 in the United Kingdom. It received a royal charter in 1881. Their members are known as chartered surveyors, and are recognised by the designation after their name – FRICS (for Fellow of RICS) or MRICS (for Member of RICS). Today we are a global property professional body which aims to: Regulate and promote the profession; maintain the highest educational and professional standards; protect clients and consumers through a strict code of ethics; provide impartial advice, analysis and guidance.

+ RUGGED MOBILE Systems www.rm-systems.co.uk UK F3 twitter

Specialist provider of Tough Technology for Tough Environments. Presenting rugged Smartphones, PDAs, Tablets and Notebook PCs that allow you to collect and analyse data in the field, including the: Getac T800; RX10 & F110 Windows 10 tablets with Class 1 Bluetooth and digitiser displays, and many other devices.

+ Saderet www.saderet.co.uk UK H15 twitter

Saderet Ltd. specialise in the supply of survey and positioning equipment and services to a wide variety of markets including marine and land survey, GIS, oceanography, precision agriculture, and OEM. Presenting some of the best manufacturers of survey related equipment in the world, we deliver products worldwide.

Satellite Applications Catapult www.sa.catapult.org.uk UK N15
+ Satlab Geosolutions www.satlabgps.com Sweden A1

Satlab Geosolutions is a Swedish based global satellite positioning solutions company with offices strategically located around the world. Their company was founded by a group of passionate and pioneering engineers, with a total of more than 40 years of experience in the GNSS industry. The management team is made up of veteran industry people taking a traditional approach to customer service and value. They understand Surveying, GIS and Machine Control user needs, and offer straight forward products with features their customers actually use, at fair prices and with the highest quality and support. The team is aware of missing technical and administrative features in currently available products and they have addressed them. This valuable knowledge has been incorporated into the entire Satlab range of GNSS equipment available today, with more exciting products planned for tomorrow.

+ SBG Systems www.sbg-systems.com France L9 twitter

A leading French supplier of MEMS-based inertial motion sensing solutions. The company provides a wide range of inertial solutions from miniature to high accuracy. Their products are ideal for mobile mapping applications as they are used for LiDAR motion compensation, and direct georeferencing even during GNSS outages.

+ SCCS – The Survey Equipment Company www.sccssurvey.co.uk UK G10 twitter

Supplier of surveying equipment and Geo referencing solutions spanning the broad spectrum of industries including private surveying practices, rail, tunnelling, construction, building and civil engineering. With the ethos of providing a quality service SCCS have become the supplier of choice within all these industries.

SCISYS www.scisys.com UK J1
SEEABLE www.seeable.co.uk UK F17
+ Senceive www.senceive.com UK F16 twitter

The world’s most reliable, robust, long lasting and cost effective wireless asset condition monitoring system, explicitly designed for Rail/Civil infrastructure. Senceive’s FlatMesh platform/products solve challenging structural/geotechnical monitoring problems by using unique technology which combines: low power, ultra-long life, low energy intelligent computing; high precision, high stability and high resolution sensors.

Sentek Solutions www.sentekeurope.com UK A7
+ Severn Partnership www.severnpartnership.com UK F17 twitter

The Severn Partnership will be showcasing their innovations including the Leica Pegasus:Two. It is an excellent solution to survey railway, highways, and structures quickly, safely and accurately – reducing 80% footfall on you project, in the safest and most accurate way possible.

SICK www.sick.com/gb/en UK N20
+ SierraSoft www.sierrasoft.com/en Italy N14 twitter

SierraSoft develops and markets BIM software and related services for land surveying, infrastructure design and construction. Their products are distributed in many countries; they are available in different languages and include the main international standards. With thanks to the BIM Solutions SierraSoft Roads and SierraSoft Land, the user will be projected into the future of the design.

+ Site Vision Surveys www.svsltd.net UK D9 twitter

”Site Vision Surveys are experts in the field of utility detection and mapping, their reputation is built on quality and competence. Their people are their strength’ . Combining knowledge and experience they deliver what the client wants. They take great pride in what they do. Delivering precision and confidence in a developing world”.

+ Skeye BV www.skeyebv.nl UK B9

Skeye BV are an aerial survey and inspection company with a team of specialists trained in Geodesy, survey and industrial inspections. Skeye operate both manned and unmanned aircraft for data capture and analysis from small scale to large scale coverage. Operating in the UK, mainland Europe and Africa.

+ SkylineGlobe UK www.skylineglobe.com UK F1

Founded in 1997 Skyline is a leading provider of 3D earth visualization software. The company offers a comprehensive platform of applications and services that enable the creation and dissemination of interactive, photo-realistic 3D environments. Skyline products are “best of breed” and are focused on the needs of our customers.

+ SmartPlanes www.smartplanes.se Sweden C5 twitter

SMARTPLANES provides a professional, complete, high precision and flexible UAS system. The SmartPlanes Aerial Survey System contains all the hardware and software needed for performing successful missions year after year. It is very durable, safe and built to last. Used for survey, mapping, city-planning, forestry, agriculture and much more.

+ Sokkia eu.sokkia.com The Netherlands M6

Visit SOKKIA, located at stand M6 this year, and view the easy to use, compact, sleek, rugged and reliable products and measurement solutions, developed to meet the geopositioning needs of customers in industries such as surveying, construction and industrial measurement.

+ Sonardyne International www.sonardyne.com UK L10

Great subsea imagery starts with great subsea navigation. However you gather your 3D point cloud data, access to fast, centrimetric-level subsea navigation is critical. Our inertial (SPRINT), Doppler (Syrinx) and acoustic technologies, together with expert operational support are all you need for success. Visit Stand L10 to the bigger picture.

+ South Survey www.surveyorsequipment.co.uk UK J17 twitter

South will be showing the mobile scanning solutions from Kaarta along with the latest survey targets from Rothbucher Systeme, South survey supply a full range of survey hardware, software and accessories from a range of manufacturers and some unique products to help surveyors in the field. www.surveyorsequipment.co.uk

Spectra Precision www.spectraprecision.com France L1 twitter
Spotscale spotscale.com Sweden A10
+ Storm Geomatics www.storm-geomatics.com UK J2 twitter

Showcasing their software, app and surveying skills in the water and rail sectors. A highly skilled and trained team drilled in the capture and presentation of data from those “difficult to reach” places.

+ Surphaser / MD3D www.md3d.uk.com UK K3

The Surphaser SurphSLAM provides mobile laser mapping with a realtime view of the data image and trajectory. Not only does this system significantly boost productivity, it also allows the possibility of sub-mm accuracy static scanning. MD3D also represent DotProduct DPI-8 series handheld scanners and NCTech imagers for point cloud colorization.

Survey Max www.surveymax.co.uk UK L7 twitter
+ SVS Civils www.svsltd.net UK D9

SVS Civils LLP is a company born from the need to gather more information from a site

CCTV inspection surveys enable us to collect data from every part of a site while our Surgical trenching facility allows us to verify actual buried service positon and depth

Teledyne Caris EMEA www.caris.nl Netherlands L28
+ Teledyne Optech www.teledyneoptech.com Canada L28 twitter

Teledyne Optech is one of the industry leader in productivity-focused lidar and imaging solutions. Let them show you how you can improve your return on investment without sacrificing data quality using our airborne, mobile and static systems, such as the low-cost, high-performance Polaris TLS and extremely small and easy-to-use Maverick mobile mapper.

+ The Coal Authority www.coal.gov.uk UK M21

Managing the effects of past coal mining, including subsidence damage claims which are not the responsibility of licensed coal mine operators. It deals with mine water pollution and other mining legacy issues. The Coal Authority are an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

+ The Survey Association (TSA) www.tsa-uk.org.uk UK C2 twitter

TSA was formed in 1979 to give a focus for private sector businesses in land and hydrographic survey. Since then the Association has grown to over 175 member companies and works hard to promote both members and the survey profession in general. Make sure you check out our new website!

+ The Survey School www.tsa-uk.org.uk/opportunities/the-survey-school UK E5

The Survey School is home to the TSA Surveying Course and a variety of short courses on Total Stations, Levelling, 5 Day Surveying Course and Photogrammetry. In 2014, TSA took over the running of The School to ensure the continuation of arguably the best survey training available in the UK.

+ thinkWhere www.thinkwhere.com UK N26

A leading independent Geographic Information System (GIS) consultancy in the UK. Their GIS consultants offer the range of business, technical and data skills required for implementing successful projects. thinkWhere specialise in the use of Open Source GIS technologies such as QGIS, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, GeoServer and Openlayers.

+ Topcon www.topconpositioning.com/en-gb UK M1 twitter

Visit their stand to see the full range of Topcon geo positioning equipment including the new GLS-2000 Laser Scanner, the Sirius Pro UAS and the LN-100 3D Layout instrument for BIM.

+ Track Access Services www.trackaccess.co.uk UK A12 twitter

Their products and services are designed to assist and support projects in a safe and cost effective manner. Current projects include Operational Surveys, Laser & Video Scanning, Point Cloud Feature Extraction, CAD Modelling, Rail Driver Training, Film & Media Production, Online Delivery, 3D Track Models and Signal Sighting Simulations.

Trilateral Research www.trilateralresearch.com UK A9
+ Trimble www.trimble.com USA L1 twitter

Around the world and across a broad range of industries, Trimble solutions empower professionals to make better decisions using geospatial information. We’ll be showcasing the new Trimble® SX10 scanning total station, which merges high-speed 3D scanning, enhanced Trimble VISION™ imaging technology and high-accuracy total station measurements into one instrument.  And, Trimble® Catalyst, a software-defined Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver that works with select Android mobile handhelds, smartphones and tablets to transform consumer devices into high-accuracy mobile data collection systems.

+ UAS Solutions www.uas-solutions.co.uk UK K19 twitter

UAS Solutions offer a range of Aerial Surveying and LiDAR services. The Company is fully Insured, operating to the most stringent industry standards, holding CAA Permission for Aerial Work using UAV platforms up to 20Kg. LiDAR services are provided using a Raven heavy lift platform and industry leading Routescene laser technology.

UK BIM Alliance www.ukbimalliance.org UK P1
+ UNDET www.undet.com Lithuania F15 twitter

Reality capture and data processing are their daily operations that go hand in hand with superior software development dating back to 1997. They are present in UK and they offer excellent solution for users who want to efficiently derive as-built documentation for multiple laser scanning tasks in AutoCAD and SketchUp.

+ UNIGIS www.unigis.org UK E5 twitter

UNIGIS UK has been at the forefront of GIS education for over 25 years.  With programmes designed to meet the changing needs of the GI-related economy, UNIGIS UK supports the personal development, career advancement and career change ambitions of students.  Key programme features include bespoke online study materials, free commercial software, free textbook, voluntary workshops, optional modules, active tutor support, university library membership and coursework only assessment.  A range of CPD units will also be available from September 2017.

University College London www.ucl.ac.uk UK E5 twitter
University of East London www.uel.ac.uk UK E5 twitter
Vectornav www.vectornav.com USA M19
+ Veesus www.veesus.com UK B2 twitter

A specialist in powerful Point Cloud visualisation tools – In just a few years the Veesus team have created a number of unique Arena4D products, which can be used by any user, in any industry and with any Point Cloud data.

Velodyne LiDAR www.velodynelidar.com USA K24
+ Vexcel Imaging www.iFlyUltraCam.com Austria J16 twitter

Vexcel Imaging, based in Austria, taps into more than two decades of photogrammetry expertise offering state-of-the-art digital aerial and terrestrial sensor systems based on the latest and most-advanced technology. The system family is complemented by the fully integrated processing software UltraMap delivering exceptional quality point clouds, DSMs and ortho imagery.

Vision www.vision.co.uk UK J10 twitter
+ Vivax-Metrotech www.vxmt.com UK B1

A leading provider of high-quality utility locating solutions for underground utilities. The companies’ products are used throughout the world. Products displayed are the industry leading GPS enabled VlocPro2 Precision Underground Utility Locator, vCam5 pipeline inspection system, VM880 buried cover locator and much more.

+ XYZ Maps www.xyzmaps.com UK C11

Postcode Maps, Xtreme Accuracy Postcode Boundary Data, Address Lists (PAF), map making & GIS software (MapInfo, MAPublisher, Geographic Imager, Avenza Maps app), GIS consultancy and specialist training courses. Also ready made map artwork, custom maps of any size, map backgrounds (modern or historic) and much more.

+ YellowScan www.yellowscan.fr France L20 twitter

Yellowscan design, develop and produce LiDAR systems for UAV mapping applications. Fully integrated, ultra-light and easy to use, these highly automated data collection tools are used by customers around the world in fields such us surveying, archeology, environmental research corridor mapping, civil engineering and mining.

+ ZF UK Laser www.zf-uk.com UK G15 twitter

A leading manufacturer of phased based laser scanners used extensively throughout the world where reliability plus accurate data acquisition is of critical importance. Manufacturing the IMAGER® range since the early 90s Z+F are a leader in this market sector offering many new features, including HDR colour and thermal imager.

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