Exhibitors already confirmed for 2015

Exhibitor Website Country Stand
+ 10D www.10d.ie Ireland E10

A Surveying practice founded by Dave McWilliams, an experienced Building Surveyor and CAD/BIM modeller. After realising the advantages of collecting survey data by laser scanner, 10D has now demonstrated the real benefits to a client of a combined scanning, design and planning service.

+ 135 Geographic Squadron Royal Engineers www.army.mod.uk/royalengineers/units/28731.aspx UK E8

135 Geographic Squadron Royal Engineers is the only unit in the Army Reserve to support 42 Engineer Regiment (Geographic). The Regiment is a Joint Force Command specialist Royal Engineer unit that provides geographic support to all elements of UK Defence; particularly to Army headquarters, formations and units. The Squadron forms the 4th Sub-Unit within the Regiment assisting in delivering this capability.

+ 2ndQuadrant www.2ndquadrant.com UK K33

The leading providers of PostgreSQL consultancy, training and support services in the UK. They help organisations of all sizes migrate or commence new projects using the world’s most advanced open source database. They empower teams to embrace PostgreSQL by providing access to global expertise and unrivalled experience.

+ 3D Laser Mapping www.3dlasermapping.com UK J16

A leading provider of laser scanning technology. Dedicated to making your business a success, their highly experienced engineering team works with you to ensure they deliver high-value, dependable solutions that suit your needs. Operating globally they are able to provide dedicated, front-line support to their clients.

+ 3DReshaper www.3dreshaper.com France D11

An easy-to-use and affordable software dedicated to point cloud processing for various applications, like Cultural Heritage, Architecture, Geology, Mine, Quarry, Digital Terrain Modelling, Civil Engineering and Shipbuilding. It includes a wide range of features like 3D Meshing, Monitoring, Alignment, Textures, Ground Extraction, Tunnel Analysis, etc.

+ A1 Survey www.a1survey.net UK L7

Provide an outstanding level of service for their products that are available for hire and sale.  Specialising in technical sales and offering a comprehensive range including Geomax, Leica, Spectra, Nikon & Proshot.  Their service centre is fully fitted with calibration and test equipment to complete tasks in house.

+ Academy Leasing www.academyleasing.com UK G2

Established in 1987, Academy are one of the UK’s leading providers of Vehicle, Invoice and Equipment Finance. With having access to their own funds they have the ability to view each finance inquiry individually. If you need finance, they make the process as quick and as personable as possible.

Advanced Simulation Technologies www.advancedsimtech.com UK E10
+ Aerolaser System SL www.aerolaser.es Spain N5

Aerolaser attends at GeoBusiness 2015 as official LIDAR system integrator for Riegl scanners and Phase One cameras.

Aeronike www.faticoni.it Italy L23
+ Altus Positioning Systems www.altus-ps.com USA L9

Part of the Septentrio group of companies and provides today’s GIS-engineers with first class GPS/GIS products that are rugged and versatile for any work environment, compatible with most GIS software products, and supported by unmatched reliable one-on-one quality customer service.

APEM www.apemltd.co.uk UK L23
+ Applications in CADD www.appsincadd.co.uk UK N2

A UK supplier of mapping/modelling and design software. n4ce provides tools to process surveys with “Field to Finish” solutions using CAD and Models to create final presentation drawings. 4Site data capture uses an AutoCADTM/DWG platform to record and view survey data. Applications are available for hydrographic/rail/building surveys.

+ Argans www.argans.co.uk UK A6

Based in Plymouth and specialising in all aspects of support to satellite-based Earth Observation missions. ARGANS expertise provides advanced data analysis, ad hoc software solutions and mapping capabilities under demand for users of remote sensing data and geographical information systems (GIS) with specialisation in environmental, engineering and scientific applications.

+ Arithmetica www.arithmetica.com UK G1

Their solutions handle complex data rich information and are simple and easy to use. They offer in-depth knowledge of advanced ideas at the boundaries of computer science, physics, mathematics and statistics, plus the experience and programming expertise required to translate theoretical concepts into practical, easy to use applications.

+ Association for Geographic Information (AGI) www.agi.org.uk UK H8

Represents the interests of the geographic information industry, including users in the public and private sectors, suppliers of software, hardware, data and services, consultants, academics and interested individuals. By providing this forum, AGI can give unparalleled opportunities to communicate with the GI community for significant business ends.

+ Atlas Computers www.atlascomputers.ie Ireland G10

Formed in Ireland in 1989 to produce software for the land survey and civil engineering community, and now enjoys in excess of a thousand users in the UK, Europe, and worldwide, including major multinationals, government bodies and private surveying firms. Survey Control Centre is their product of choice.

+ Autodesk www.autodesk.co.uk UK G9

Autodesk provides leading BIM software that help deliver projects faster and more economically, while minimizing environmental impact. Autodesk BIM for Infrastructure can help you win more work, gain faster public and agency approval, accelerate design and provide better insight to all stakeholders across the lifecycle of civil infrastructure projects.

+ Avenza www.avenza.com Canada C11

Avenza produces geospatial add-ons for Adobe products and the popular PDF Maps mobile app. MAPublisher turns Adobe Illustrator into a cartographic/GIS environment. Geographic Imager turns Adobe Photoshop into a geospatial imaging solution. PDF Maps is a mapping systems for mobile devices with an iTunes-like digital map store and distribution/commerce system.

+ Bentley www.bentley.com UK L6

Bentley is the global leader dedicated to providing architects, engineers, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure. Bentley Systems applies information mobility to improve asset performance by leveraging information modeling through integrated projects for intelligent infrastructure.

+ Blackbridge www.blackbridge.com Germany D8

Providers of end-to-end solutions for the geospatial value chain. This includes satellite operations, data centre and geocloud solutions, worldwide distribution, and value added services.

+ BLOM www.blomasa.com UK N13

Blom Aerofilms is one of the UK’s leading providers of aerial photography and digital mapping solutions for civil engineering design, environmental assessment and land information management. The company has considerable experience of aerial photography, digital mapping and Geographic Information Systems and is involved in a variety of national mapping projects.

+ Blue Marble Geographics www.bluemarblegeo.com USA H9

Trusted by thousands, a leading developer of geospatial data conversion and GIS software. Today’s GIS professionals turn to them for Global Mapper, a low-cost, easy-to-use GIS software tool. They are the developer of Geographic Calculator, GeoCalc SDK, Global Mapper, LiDAR Module and Global Mapper SDK. 

+ Bluesky International www.bluesky-world.com UK K1

An innovative geographic information company with the capability to capture, process and derive a broad range of market specific spatial datasets. These include national aerial photography, DTM, DSM and tree map products as well as bespoke surveys and services such as LiDAR, thermal imagery, and 3D modelling.

+ British Geological Survey www.bgs.ac.uk UK M15

Models the Earth’s subsurface to help us understand the relationship between geology and our environment. Benefits of this approach include aiding decision-makers in planning for the future. They will be demonstrating data in GeoVisionary — specialist software developed in collaboration with Virtalis for high-resolution visualisation of spatial data.

+ C.Scope www.cscope.co.uk UK H13

A market leader for the supply of reliable and accurate Buried Pipe and Cable Location equipment and unrivalled service, support and training. C.Scope’s new MXL2 Locator enables ‘One pass utility Surveys’ by connecting to industry standard sub-centimetre GNSS/GPS to add accurate depth and position of underground services.

+ Cadcorp www.cadcorp.com UK N16

A British software development company focused on geographic information systems (GIS) and web mapping software. Their long-standing support for open standards has helped public and private sector organisations maximise their return on investment by sharing spatial data between people, and between systems.

+ Cadline www.cadline.co.uk UK G9

Experts in Geospatial Solutions with 20+ years’ experience in developing web mapping and GIS applications. Proprietary software, DynamicMaps, offers a suite of flexible solutions including: WebGIS, Report It, GML Translator, INSPIRE Data Management and Open Source solutions. As an Autodesk Platinum reseller, Cadline is ideally placed to help integrate CAD and GIS, and advise clients in their BIM for Infrastructure journey

+ Campbell Scientific Europe www.campbellsci.eu UK F11

Campbell Scientific will be showcasing their range of geotechnical monitoring instruments and systems. These include the CR6 datalogger with integrated spectral analysis vibrating wire measurement; the CDM-VW3000 dynamic vibrating wire module and the AVW200 2-channel Vibrating Wire Interface which also utilises spectral analysis methods for improved resolution and reduced noise.

+ Carbomap www.carbomap.com UK D9

Carbomap is showcasing their ground breaking results from airborne multispectral lidar for mapping understory vegetation and UAV lidars for forest survey. Recently featured in Lidar News and GIM, these techniques are revolutionising the mapping of forests for protection, management and carbon projects.

+ CARIS www.caris.com Netherlands K19

For 35 years CARIS has been leading the way in the development of marine GIS software. Specialising in high density sensor data, CARIS solutions can efficiently process, manage and analyse data and export to a variety of data formats.

Carlson www.carlsonsw.com UK N8
+ CATSURVEYS Group Ltd www.cat-surveys.com UK K16

With innovation close to their hearts CATSURVEYS Group are developing and working with some of the most advanced surveying technologies available. Their portfolio of impressive services include Mobile GPR and Mobile Asset Management data collection, allowing them to carry out surveys in a fraction of historical time, risk and cost. 

+ Certainty 3D www.certainty3d.com USA H5

Offers LiDAR data processing solutions for Riegl, Leica, Optech, Z&F, FARO and other systems. Their primary focus is the extraction of high quality CAD deliverables from point cloud and calibrated image data. They also offer freeware applications for LiDAR project planning, scheduling and cost estimation.

+ CGG Services (UK) Ltd www.cgg.com/npa UK F1

NPA Satellite Mapping – leading the use of satellite imagery for mapping and monitoring the Earth. Find out more about their advanced satellite data, infrastructure planning, change detection and surface deformation mapping capabilities that reduce project costs, improve decisions and increase safety. Part of CGG, the world’s largest geoscience company.

+ Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (ICES) www.cices.org UK H8

Whether you are about to commence studies, embark on your career, currently have a support or technical role, or have many years’ experience in civil engineering and geospatial surveying, commitment to maintaining current industry knowledge and skills, and a third party assessment of them is fundamental to your professional development.

+ CHC Navigation www.chcnav.com China C2

Designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of professional GPS/GNSS, GIS solutions in various markets such as land surveying, civil engineering, utilities and deformation monitoring. Headquartered in Shanghai (China), CHC is a leading GPS/GNSS Chinese manufacturer with a strong international presence and employs about 600 people worldwide.

+ Civica www.civica.co.uk UK D5

Civica GIS supplies leading GIS, gazetteer management solutions and related back office systems, helping public and private sector organisations across the UK to deliver more efficient services. Visit their stand to see Community Map, a web based GIS designed to improve engagement with citizens and increase internal data management efficiency.

Clearedge 3D www.clearedge3d.com USA M20
Co-Ordinated Surveys www.co-ordinatedsurveys.co.uk UK C6
+ COWI Mapping UK Ltd www.cowi.com UK G15

One of the largest private mapping businesses in Europe, covering a range of activities in the fields of aerial surveying, photogrammetry, vector mapping, remote sensing, mobile mapping, cadastre and GIS / LIS. Their first photogrammetric mapping project was in 1960, since then they have conducted assignments worldwide.

Cranfield University www.cranfield.ac.uk UK E5
+ Cyient www.cyient.com UK M13

Captures and manages spatial and non-spatial data with over 4000 specialists located globally. Visit Cyient at Stand M13 where they will showcase their mapping, navigation and location capabilities which exceed customer targets of 99.8% first time acceptance.

+ Datron Technology datrontechnology.co.uk UK M16

From surveying open-cast mines and quarries to mobile mapping among inner-city buildings, accurately measuring position and orientation can be a problem for GNSS systems when working in and around canyons, tree-cover and tunnels. They offer a wide range of products to help solve these problems for you. 

+ Dielmo 3D www.dielmo.com/ Spain J9

With more than ten years’ experience developing GIS software tools and processing data, they have the ability to adjust their software to provide customized LiDAR and GIS solutions, which enables DIELMO 3D to give you the best expert solutions to all projects. Let them inspire you with ways to get more from your data. 

+ Dimenteq www.dimenteq.fi Finland N28

Specialises in business applications with GIS features. The map-based survey tool Harava promotes smart decision-making through civic participation. Visitors are warmly welcome to hear about Dimenteq’s examples, ranging from reindeer husbandry to urban planning.

+ DotProduct www.dotproduct3d.com USA M22

Develop high performance, easy-to-use solutions for capturing 3D data. Their technology is designed for mobile professionals who need quality spatial data, instantly. DotProduct software turns Android tablets into real-time 3D-capture and processing solutions for the job site. This can simplify, augment, and in some cases replace laser scanning workflows.

+ Drilline Products www.drilline.com UK F8

One of the leading suppliers of Ground Penetrating Radar systems. They will be exhibiting their latest range of underground mapping solutions and 3D Post Processing software. Presenting the IDS Hi-Mod and the innovative new Opera Duo GPR with onsite reports, CAD transfer and integration with GPS.

DroneSurv www.quarrydesign.com UK N15
+ EBTM www.elaineball.co.uk UK C1

A professional and devoted International Technical Marketing Consultancy that specialises in assisting Geospatial, Offshore and Mining companies grow and become profitable through focused strategic marketing, marketing planning and marketing implementation.

+ Ecometrica www.ecometrica.com UK D9

Ecometrica’s Our Ecosystem (OE) is an environmental mapping platform. It allows users to deploys apps that access information from satellites and other data sources to build knowledge, manage risks and identify opportunities around the world. Find out more at www.ecometrica.com/oe.

+ Eternix Ltd www.eternix.co.il Israel L16

A leading software company, developing high-performance visualization and GIS products. The company’s products are oriented towards GIS professionals, enabling to re-project and manipulate files of virtually any size/format, in real-time, without pre-processing. The Blaze product family includes several applications and extensions, delivering outstanding performance and unparalleled usability.

+ EuroMed Mapping www.euromed-mapping.com Italy L23

A new and innovative company for remote sensing and aerial surveys in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Euromed specialise in ultra-high resolution colour, thermal, multi-spectral and Lidar surveys, as well as cartography, 3D modelling and hydroacoustic surveys.

Europa Technologies www.europa.uk.com UK N23
+ Excitech www.excitech.co.uk UK D2

Significant changes in the construction environment have led to a greater need to articulate the benefits of utilising ”reality capture” and laser scanning technology in project workflows. This requires an understanding of the available technology, how it can add value to an industry and experience in conveying and delivering that message. Excitech are an established and trusted organisation which can help you achieve these benefits.

+ EXELIS www.exelisvis.com France M9

Provides desktop, cloud and mobile software solutions to help professionals across industries transform geospatial imagery and complex data into actionable information. Customers use their bespoke services and products – ENVI and IDL – to quickly and easily visualise and analyse all types of data and imagery for better, more informed decision making. 

+ FARO Technologies UK www.faro.com UK M27

Bringing Reality to CAD & BIM! The FARO 3D Software Corp. (former kubit) has been developing field proven software for capturing existing conditions into the Autodesk environment and beyond with solutions and workflows for traditional surveying techniques, photogrammetry and laser scanning. Anyone with Autodesk product experience can master the software.

+ Forest it Design www.forest-it.com UK M24

A leading supplier of rugged Tablet PCs, PDAs, Measuring Instruments and GPS / GNSS solutions across the countries of Europe. At the GEO Business Show Forest-it Design will be demonstrating a wide range of these products and applications focussed on the geospatial market place.

+ Forsberg Services www.forsbergservices.co.uk UK D12

We are a navigation systems integrator and OEM component supplier. We have been a successful NovAtel outlet since 1997 with strong engineering experience in navigation; specialising in PCB, software and mechanical design. Our offices are based in the UK and Germany


+ Geo Survey Instruments www.geosurvey.co.uk UK L7

Authorised GeoMax dealer based in West Yorkshire. Supplying comprehensive range of GeoMax equipment and survey accessories. Full service capability for all makes of survey instruments. Experienced factory trained technicians.

+ Geo-4D www.geo-4d.com UK E6

Geo-4D is a geoconsultancy providing technical expertise and innovative 3D data visualisation and ground modelling for many sectors both offshore and onshore. We use Geocap software for 3D data visualisation, interpretation, processing and presentation, with seamless integration with ArcGIS. We are also UK ESRI and Geocap software re-sellers.

Geo-Matching www.geo-matching.com Netherlands N12
+ Geoconnexion www.geoconnexion.com UK K24

GeoConnexion brings you the latest news, stories, reports from geotechnology industries in UK, EMEA, North America and Asia.  Coverage of topics such as 3D Visualisation, UAS, Remote Sensing, LiDAR, Cloud, Mobile Mapping, Navigation with emphases on healthcare, public safety, retail, environment, utilities, surveying, LBS, transport/logistics and more.

+ Geomap www.geomapltd.co.uk UK J15

Chartered surveying company showcasing specialised services such as integrating 3D buried services into BIM models, laser scanning, sub-surface utility engineering drainage and CCTV investigations as well as traditional topographic, utility and building surveys. They work across a variety of sectors such as rail, MOD, power stations and the public sector.

+ GeoMax International www.geomax-positioning.com UK L7

A Hexagon Company where stand visitors will see a full range of cost-effective total stations, GNSS, lasers, levels and locators. See how GeoMax has become the first major instrument manufacturer to harness the power of the Google Android™ platform to control total stations, GNSS and their recently introduced scanner.

+ GeoPal www.geopalsolutions.com Ireland K3

A cloud service and mobile app that reduces the cost and improves the productivity of field-based workers. GeoPal helps to make field surveys and data capture as easy as possible by eliminating paper survey forms and by providing a direct link between the office and field surveyors.

+ GeoPlace www.geoplace.co.uk UK K9

A public sector limited liability partnership between Local Government Association (LGA)and Ordnance Survey. They work with local authorities to create and maintain the National Address Gazetteer infrastructure and the National Street Gazetteer for England and Wales, providing definitive sources of publicly-owned spatial address and street data.

+ GeoSolutions www.geo-solutions.it Italy N20

Provides innovative, robust and cost-effective services and solutions leveraging best-of-breed Open Source products like GeoServer, MapStore and GeoNetwork to organisations worldwide employing staff with vast and unparalleled experience and expertise. GeoSolutions is your one-stop-shop for Geospatial Open Source software!

+ Getmapping www.Getmapping.com UK K7

A leading provider of aerial photography, height data and digital mapping services across Europe and Africa. Getmapping provide mapping data and web services to local authorities and central government, plus clients in property, construction, engineering, and environmental sectors.

+ GIM International www.gim-international.com Netherlands N12

The independent and high-quality information source for the global geomatics industry, brings you the latest insights and developments. GIM International is published monthly. Besides the website, at which they daily report on the latest news and developments in Geomatics, they also publish a weekly e-newsletter.

+ GSB Prospection www.sumoservices.com UK E1

GSB provides specialist near-surface geophysical surveys for site evaluation and archaeological field prospection. Consistently high quality evidence of buried features is obtained by using wide-ranging techniques to suit the site environment.  GSB is well known for its “Geophizz” expertise on Channel 4’s Time Team, the nation’s favourite archaeological TV programme.    GSB is a SUMO Group Member.

+ Handheld www.handhelduk.com UK K15

A manufacturer and supplier of rugged smartphones, PDAs and mobile computers and one of the fastest growing companies in the sector. Together with resellers, partners and software companies Handheld UK form a partnership that offers products that withstand the toughest conditions and solutions for almost any application imaginable.

Harxon Corporation www.harxon.com China B8
Helica www.helica.it Italy L23
+ Hemisphere GNSS www.hemispheregnss.com Canada H15

Designs and manufactures innovative, cost-effective GNSS products for positioning, heading, and navigation applications for marine, survey, construction, mapping, OEM, and other markets. The Company holds numerous patents and other intellectual property and sells globally with several leading product brands, including Crescent®, EclipseTM, and VectorTM for precise GNSS applications. 

+ Hexagon www.hexagon.com UK C8

Hexagon Geosystems is the complete geospatial solution provider for industries including surveying, mining, aerospace, defence, and construction and manufacturing. Their brand portfolio is comprised of world-class companies such as Leica Geosystems with 200 years of history revolutionising the measurement world. They want your career to flourish at Hexagon Geosystems.

+ IBI Group www.ibigroup.com UK N13

IBI’s RouteMapper Group operates two UK based Optech SG1 Mobile Mapping systems which provide a powerful combination of high-resolution digital imagery and LiDAR with Inertial positioning. Enabling a vast range of highway related surveys/inspections to be performed from the office environment reducing costs/disruption whilst eliminating risk to road workers

IDS www.idscorporation.com Italy F8
Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) www.ice.org.uk UK N31
+ Intelligent Mapping Solutions www.intelmapping.com UK N19

Intelligent Mapping Solutions (IMS) is a geographical data solutions company. They provide specialist Unmanned Aerial Surveys, professional GIS support, advanced remote sensing analysis as well as mobile data capture solutions for the field. The state of the art UAV’s represent the latest in UAV technology and sensor applications. From high resolution colour imagery to near infra-red and multispectral data capture they can deliver a range of services and analytics which get the most from the data

+ Intergeo www.intergeo.de Germany K24

INTERGEO is the world’s leading trade fair and conference for geodesy, geoinformation and land management. INTERGEO covers a wide variety of fields, ranging from surveying, geoinformation, remote sensing and photogrammetry to complementary solutions and technologies. Don’t miss this chance to share knowledge and expertise with other specialists in Stuttgart, 15 – 17 September 2015.

+ Intetics www.intetics.com/geo USA B11

Intetics always try to improve your data, your processes and your software besides being consistent with your technical requirements. By engaging with Intetics you are getting an innovative and highly skilled team of GIS and software professionals to resolve your most complicated tasks and improve your production chain.

+ Juniper Systems www.junipersys.com UK F16

Established in 1993, they design and manufacture rugged handheld computers for mobile data collection in extreme environments. With a reputation for high quality and excellent customer service, they are a world-class supplier in the GIS market, helping professionals significantly increase productivity and reduce costs.

+ kubit www.kubit.de Germany L15

Bringing Reality to CAD/BIM! Since 1999 they have been developing field proven software for capturing existing conditions into AutoCAD, Revit and beyond. They provide reality capture solutions and workflows for laser scanning, photogrammetry and traditional surveying techniques. Besides software, they offer complete solutions, including training, total stations and outdoor notebooks.

+ Laser Technology www.lasertech.com USA L28

Empower your GIS with the TruPulse laser for the faster, easier and safer field data collection.  Map in features from remote locations and collect it all with the handheld GPS/GNNS handhelds, data collectors and GIS software you already own.  Stop by LTI’s stand and ask if you are “laser ready.”


+ Leica Geosystems www.leica-geosystems.co.uk UK G2 & G6

A market leader for the supply of reliable and accurate survey equipment and software. Their sales team supply the highest quality geospatial products and training to customers across the UK and Ireland. Superior and comprehensive customer support and service is delivered from their Milton Keynes head office.

LW Partners UK A8
+ Macleod Simmonds www.macleodsimmonds.com UK C9

Macleod Simmonds are pushing the boundaries when it comes to utility surveying with their innovative approach to “Imaging” the subsurface. Using High Density Array Ground Probing Radar (HDAGPR) technology in conjunction with their proprietary processing software GPRCAD™ and Radio Frequency Locators, they create accurate virtual re-creations of the hidden environment.

+ MapAction www.mapaction.org UK N18

A leading disaster mapping charity. They deploy skilled volunteers to the scene of an emergency within hours of an alert. The mapped information they produce can make the difference between life and death for survivors. Visit their stand to find out more.

+ MapCareers www.mapcareers.com UK E5

Map Careers offer a Portfolio of Professional GEO Workforce Services for the GEO Community in the UK & Europe. Providing Expert Help & Advice, Careers, Intern Work Experience, Vocational Education & Training, Consultancy & Project Outsourcing for GEO, GIS, Geospatial, Mapping, Remote Sensing and Software Teams & Individuals.

Mapping Solutions www.mapping-solutions.co.uk UK K17
+ MBS Survey Software www.surveymbs.com UK J1

A UK based independent software development company specialising in providing specialist software for the Professional Surveyor within the Built Environment. Their software is used daily by 100’s of Surveyors. Discover why they are the trusted friend of the Geomatics Surveyor at GEO Business.

+ McCarthy Taylor Systems www.dtmsoftware.com UK N15

Will be demonstrating their latest surveying and terrain modelling software, which features options for pointcloud analysis, processing huge UAV datasets and commands for rail survey adjustments and reporting. Sharing their stand will be Quarry Design with their impressive new GeoCopter 8000 UAV with which they recently surveyed Gibraltar.

MD3D www.md3d.uk.com UK E2
Meterriss www.meterriss.de Germany J17
+ MGiSS/ DigiTerra mgiss.co.uk UK N6

Delivers a full range of geospatial solutions and services that help businesses capture, create, analyse, and visualise spatial data. Products and services MGISS will be displaying on stand to potential delegates: Integrated laser range finders GPS recievers for “BYOD” UAV’s/services NEW DigiTerra for Android software

+ Microsoft/ Vexcel Imaging www.iFlyUltraCam.com Austria J13

Established through Microsoft’s 2006 acquisition of Vexcel Imaging, Microsoft’s UltraCam business unit is a leading provider of digital aerial cameras. Its family of award-winning UltraCam sensor systems includes the UltraCam Osprey, UltraCam Eagle, UltraCam Falcon and UltraCam Hawk, and end-to-end processing with UltraMap v3 Software.

+ MicroSurvey Software www.microsurvey.com Canada A3

Creates software solutions for land surveyors, forensic specialists, and construction professionals. STAR*NET, the least squares adjustment software, is well known around the world. MicroSurvey CAD, their flagship product, provides a cost effective way for surveyors to create quality deliverables, in less time – not to mention its world class point cloud features.

+ MJ Rees & Company www.mjrees.co.uk UK A2

MJ Rees and Company routinely supply 3d pipeline mapping information for BIM projects and to the PAS 128 specification. TheReduct system records the 3d profile to a high level of accuracy, regardless of the depth, surrounding ground conditions or pipe material.

+ Murphy Surveys www.murphysurveys.com UK G5

Since 1983 they have established a reputation for providing cost-effective survey solutions to both public and private organisations in the UK and Ireland.  Their continual growth has been attributed to a client-centered approach, the widest range of innovative services, the use of the most sophisticated equipment, a nationwide service, experienced staff and outstanding quality control. 

Newcastle University www.ncl.ac.uk/ceg UK F15
+ NM Group www.nmgroup.com UK D1

A leading provider of topographic and asset mapping services using a range of remote sensing technologies that include aerial and terrestrial LiDAR. NM Group specialise in converting spatial data into asset intelligence; enabling organisations to more effectively increase the safety, reliability and efficiency of their assets.

Nutiteq www.nutiteq.com Estonia K22
Oceanwise www.oceanwise.eu UK F5
+ Ogilvie Geomatics www.ogilvie-geomatics.co.uk UK B9

Ogilvie Geomatics incorporates both Loy Surveys and Longdin & Browning which are established names in the geospatial industry. They offer a full range of survey solutions in various sectors across the UK and overseas, and are a member of the Ogilvie Group which has a turnover of over £200m.

+ Ohmex www.ohmex.com UK J5

Sharing the stand with US partners Seafloor Systems Inc. The popular SonarMite portable echo sounder and the remote controlled Hydrone remote controlled hydrographic survey craft will be displayed on the stand. The SonarMite App+ will be released providing a BYOD Hydrographic survey on an Android phone.

+ Optech www.optech.com Canada M10

Optech’s high-accuracy lidar survey systems, integrated cameras, and productivity-enhancing workflows provide efficient solutions for airborne mapping, airborne lidar bathymetry, mobile mapping, and static laser scanning. Learn about the new Galaxy with PulseTRAK™, the Titan multispectral system, Lynx mobile systems, and LMS workflow automation efficiency at Optech booth M10.

+ Opti-cal Survey Equipment www.surveyequipment.com UK H1

An industry-leading supplier of land survey and precision measurement technologies. Occupying two stands at GEO Business, they are displaying a range of products – from Total Stations to Laser Scanners – from their partners Leica Geosystems and FARO Technologies.

OR3D www.or3d.co.uk UK B4
+ Ordnance Survey www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk UK N1

Great Britain’s national mapping authority responsible for collecting and maintaining the mastermap of the country, from which it produces and markets a range of digital data. Leading the way in technological innovation, it updates the database around 10,000 times every day, providing accurate and up-to-date geographic data.

+ Oxford Technical Solutions (OxTS) www.oxts.co.uk UK M16

Designs and manufactures high-precision Inertial and GNSS navigation systems for measuring motion, position and orientation. Applications include road profiling, mobile mapping, asset management, land and aerial surveying, also rail and UAV employment. The industry proven systems provide highly accurate measurements in real-time and post-process.

+ Pelydryn www.pelydryn.org UK F9

Visit their stand to discuss your Airborne Bathy/Topo LiDAR requirement. If you need a seamless DEM from the sea onto the land, seabed reflectance, digital photography, contour plots, rugosity, nautical charting – they are sure they can support your project, globally.

Pgnosis www.pgnosis.com UK E5
+ Phoenix Survey & Safety Equipment www.phoenixse.com UK M6

AIM HIGHER AT THE GEO SHOW – Help your business reach new heights with our Survey and Safety equipment and service Phoenix is a leading supplier of survey and safety equipment with a strong reputation for customer service. See the latest technologies such as the new Topcon GLS 2000 laser scanner.

+ Pix4D www.pix4d.com Switzerland L24

A Swiss company developing and distributing a software solution called Pix4Dmapper that automatically converts thousands of terrestrial and aerial images taken by lightweight UAV or aircraft into highly accurate, precise, customisable and timely results for a wide range of GIS and CAD applications.

+ Pixalytics www.pixalytics.com UK K31

An Earth observation company with a scientific heart. Pixalytics use cutting edge scientific research to create innovative terrestrial and marine products including land cover, turbidity and water levels. The expert services include independent advice and support on all types of satellite remote sensing, data and imagery.

+ Pointfuse pointfuse.com UK G1

PointfuseTM has been created to give professionals including engineers and surveyors a fast, automated and precise way of creating and visualizing vast data sets as vector models. Vector Models have a far smaller memory footprint than the original Point Cloud data, require less computing power to visualize and manipulate.

Polkart www.polkart.waw.pl Poland L23
+ Precision Geomatics www.precisiongeomatics.com UK K30

Land surveying, setting out, industrial measurement, laser scanning, machine control and safety equipment specialists. Offering hire, sale, in-house service, calibration and repair, along with training and technical support. They also supply BIM solutions, Land Mapping Software and GIS Solutions. Authorised distributor for SOKKIA, Topcon, PLS, Globestock and Cable Detection products.

+ Premier Energy Services www.premierenergy.co.uk UK A5

Premier Energy will be showcasing their pioneering PALM product where all utility information is presented on one layered map. In addition, they will demonstrate their interactive website which enables users to get an instant quote for the delivery of a comprehensive report on all the utilities in the scheme’s area.

+ PV Publications www.pvpubs.com UK M19

A leading independent publisher of journals and magazines serving the geospatial sector. Their publications, GIS Professional, Geomatics World and Engineering Surveying Showcase are widely read amongst professionals within the sector. PVP has over 30 years experience of working with institutions and organisations associated with surveying, geomatics and GIS. 

+ Radiodetection SPX www.radiodetection.com UK L20

Radiodetection will be demonstrating its range of Precision Marker Locators that detect buried RF utility markers, also known as EMS or Omnimarkers, as well as the new gC.A.T4 Cable Avoidance Tool.  The RD1000™+ Ground Penetrating Radar also on show locates all types of buried infrastructure using wide-band radar in a rugged system.

+ RealSim www.realsim.ie Ireland J2

Supply 3D environment simulation solutions for planning the world around us. They combine 3D survey data, street level photography, and the latest game engine technology to produce spatially accurate, interactive, photo-realistic virtual environments, present and proposed. They build the 3d models and supply them on bespoke simulation software.

+ Renishaw www.renishaw.com UK D6

A FTSE250 world leading metrology company will be showcasing its latest range of ruggedised laser measurement systems for use in harsh environments. Through innovation Renishaw provides leading edge technology to advance operational performance in a wide range of industries.

+ Richard Allitt Associates www.raaltd.co.uk UK E7

Showcasing Remote Aerial Surveys, the UAV aerial survey service offered by consulting engineers Richard Allitt Associates Ltd.  With a background in hydraulic modelling, flood mapping, GIS and remote sensing, our UAV service is especially skilled in providing mapping and modelling solutions for environmental monitoring e.g. agricultural surveys and industrial inspections e.g. for the renewable sector.

+ RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems www.riegl.com Austria J12

Providing terrestrial, industrial, mobile, bathymetric, airborne and UAS/UAV-based laser scanning systems – will showcase their latest developments on stand J12/J16 in cooperation with their distribution partner 3D Laser Mapping.

+ ROTHBUCHER SYSTEMS www.meterriss.de/en/ Germany J17

Showcasing the New Swivelling Mini Prism System. These prisms can be turned in a radius of 180° making it possible to use the same survey point from different directions bridges, façades and many other structures can be monitored even more quickly and precisely several prisms can be combined together.

+ Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) www.rics.org UK H8

Their members are known as chartered surveyors, and are recognised by the designation after their name – FRICS, MRICS and AssocRICS. Founded in 1868, RICS today is a global surveying professional body which aims to: Regulate and promote the profession; maintain the highest educational and professional standards; protect clients and consumers through a strict code of ethics; provide impartial advice, analysis and guidance. 

+ RUGGED MOBILE Systems www.rm-systems.co.uk UK K15

Looking for rugged mobile computing options to run your site software and collect field data and not sure where to start? Then visit their stand to get hands on with robust hardware including the Getac F110, Panasonic FZ-G1 and new FZ-M1 tablets plus rugged PDAs and Notebook PCs.

SABRE Advanced 3D Surveying Systems www.sabresurvey.co.uk UK C6
+ Saderet www.saderet.co.uk UK H15

Since 1998 they have been the European distributor for Hemisphere GNSS. The company stocks all product lines to provide fast delivery, technical support, spare parts and repair facilities. In addition the company represents other key survey instrument manufacturers including Satel for radio telemetry systems, and QPS for survey software.

+ SCALGO www.scalgo.com Denmark K20

The increasing coverage, detail and precision of geospatial data, enables a whole new set of geospatial tools. SCALGO is developing these tools on top of revolutionising algorithm technology, designed from the bottom up to handle massive data. At Geo Business 2015 SCALGO introduce their new tool for managing flood risk.

+ SCCS – The Survey Equipment Company www.sccssurvey.co.uk UK G10

Supplier of surveying equipment and Geo referencing solutions spanning the broad spectrum of industries including private surveying practices, rail, tunnelling, construction, building and civil engineering. With the ethos of providing a quality service SCCS have become the supplier of choice within all these industries.

Seafloor Systems www.seafloorsystems.com USA J5
+ SEEABLE www.seeable.co.uk UK F17

Through the use of games engine technology, SEEABLE aims to allow non technical access to technical data through an intuitive APP environment. Developing products for Health and Safety, Site Inductions and Design Visualisation, SEEABLE enables engaging, non-technical visualisation of complex 3D environments or simple interactive 2D plans on multiple platforms

+ Senceive www.senceive.com UK K14

Senceive is the pre-eminent wireless RCM geo-technical solutions provider in Rail/Construction in the UK and accepted by NR/LUL/Tubelines. They supply global leading edge, robust, reliable, high precision, easy to deploy, highly cost effective wireless asset monitoring. It is proven and now with extremely long lasting 10+ years of battery life.

Septentrio Satellite Navigation www.septentrio.com Belgium L9
+ Severn Partnership www.severnpartnership.com UK F17

A Chartered geospatial survey organisation bringing value to projects through quality 3D data, measured safely, delivered professionally, on time. Working across the UK and abroad servicing a variety of sectors including infrastructure, architecture, engineering, energy & utilities, BIM, heritage and geotechnical.

+ Shannon Survey www.shannonsurvey.com UK L7

Specialists in surveying equipment and laser, for hire, sale, service and repair, along with training and technical support. As authorised distributor of GeoMax and Carlson products, they will be showcasing the newest Swiss technology recently launched by GeoMax, Carlson software and the new GeoMax Zoom 80 LRBT Robotic Total Station.

+ Silicon Sensing Systems www.siliconsensing.com UK M23

Silicon Sensing will be demonstrating the North Finding capability of DMU30, the first of a new range of High Performance MEMS IMUs (HPIMU) designed to offer a realistic, ITAR-free, alternative to more costly FOG/RLG IMUs for survey and mapping applications.

Skycap www.skycap.com UK N21
Skyline Software Systems www.skylineglobe.com UK A7
Smartplanes www.smartplanes.se Sweden C5
Sokkia www.sokkia.com UK K30
+ South Survey www.surveyorsequipment.co.uk UK J17

Will be featuring Spectra Precision Total Stations and GPS, Navcom GPS, Microsurvey software including Fieldgenius and Starnet, Gstarcad8 CAD Software, thermal imaging cameras from FLIR, and a unique range of accessories for setting out and monitoring works, along with the manhole buddy; the ultimate manhole lifting tool.

+ Spectra Precision www.spectraprecision.com France L19

Offers a complete product portfolio focusing on the needs of the surveying, construction and GIS markets: GNSS receivers, including the SP80 GNSS, the FOCUS 35 motorised total stations, field proven data collection hardware, field and office software. The Nikon optical equipment includes mechanical total stations.

+ SphereVision www.spherevision.com/ UK G1

Specialists in providing 360 video recording systems for any platform, including portable, vehicle mounted underwater and specialist aircraft rigs. Their advanced VideoMap360 and RouteView360 interactive software solutions integrate 360 video, geo-referenced imagery and with building layouts, maps, plans and satellite views, to produce interactive viewers for Web, Windows and Tablets

+ Sterling Geo www.sterlinggeo.com UK N19

Sterling Geo has built a reputation for capability, quality and service.  The organisation’s competency emanates from a combination of having the right people and specialist technical capability. At the forefront of all major changes and challenges that face the geospatial industry, Sterling Geo understand and undertake work to meet the commercial and technical pressures that have evolved with big data and complex network environments. Where there’s a need for accurate, actionable information, there’s Sterling Geo.

+ Storm Geomatics www.storm-geomatics.com UK K27

Showcasing their software, app and surveying skills in the water and rail sectors. A highly skilled team drilled in the capture and analysis of data in the very challenging coastal and near shore environment.

+ Stratascan www.sumoservices.com UK E1

Stratascan provides near-surface multi-discipline geophysical surveys for engineering, environmental, archaeological, forensics and UXO investigation to contractors, utilities, consultants, planners, developers, and archaeological units.  Stratascan has conducted many high profile surveys, most recently, the televised discovery of King Richard III at the Lost Franciscan Friary.   Stratascan is a SUMO Group Member.

+ SUMO Group www.sumoservices.com UK E1

SUMO is a nationwide survey group providing multi-discipline surveys across diverse market sectors.  Our companies all have specific expertise providing us with collective technical knowledge we apply to plan and design fully integrated surveys that deliver efficiency and value for money. See entries for SUMO Services, Team Surveys, GSB Prospection and Stratascan for details.

+ SUMO Services www.sumoservices.com UK E1

SUMO Services – provide underground utility detection and mapping solutions and PAS 128 compliant surveys. Our SUMOplus+ is the new approach to site investigation. It’s a cost efficient advanced level survey combining geophysics and topographical surveys for a complete picture above & below ground.  SUMO Services is a SUMO Group Member.

+ Survey Max www.geomax-positioning.com UK L7

A fully authorised distributor for GeoMax International and an independent surveying instruments specialist covering the South-East of England and South Midlands. The business is run by David Price who has more than 20 years experience in senior positions with leading global measurement technology manufacturers including Hexagon.

+ Team Surveys www.sumoservices.com UK E1

Team Surveys offer wide-ranging Geomatics Surveying, Laser Scanning and 3D Modelling services.   Using high definition scanners, we provide the measurement platform for producing 2D plans and elevations, 3D models and BIM deliverables. We conduct Measured Building Surveys and topographical surveys for all applications.  Team Surveys is a SUMO Group Member.

+ Technics www.technicsgroup.com UK J10

Geospatial Consultant Surveyors operating throughout the UK and Europe in the defence, education, energy, heritage, health, leisure, property and transport sectors. Technics values its team, clients and partners and is committed to the development of people and the industry leading the way with a professional, consultative approach.

Terrasolid www.terrasolid.com Finland N24
+ The British Cartographic Society www.cartography.org.uk/ UK N10

The BCS is a dynamic association of individuals and organisations dedicated to exploring and developing the world of maps. The BCS is regarded as one of the world’s leading cartographic societies and its main publication, The Cartographic Journal is recognised internationally.

+ The Hydrographic Society UK www.ths.org.uk UK K23

THS UK promotes the science of hydrography and associated disciplines and encourages recognised standards of education and training. Membership is drawn from approximately 45 countries and all industry sectors. THS UK is a member of the International Federation of Hydrographic Societies. It is exhibiting its services, publications and Hydro14.

+ The Survey Association (TSA) www.tsa-uk.org.uk UK H8

Known generally as TSA, is the trade body for commercial survey companies in the UK. The association was formed in 1979 to give a focus for private sector businesses in land and hydrographic survey. 

+ The Survey School www.tsa-uk.org.uk/opportunities/the-survey-school/ UK E5

The Survey School was established in Worcester over thirty years ago and, in 2014, TSA took over the running of The School to ensure the continuation of arguably the best survey training available in the UK. The TSA Surveying Course was created specifically for the development of new entrants into the Geomatics Industry, or those with experience but no formal training.

TomTom www.tomtom.com/geospatial Belgium N9
+ Topcon www.topcon-positioning.eu UK M1

Visit their stand to see the full range of Topcon geo positioning equipment including the new GLS-2000 Laser Scanner, the Sirius Pro UAS and the LN-100 3D Layout instrument for BIM.

+ Track Access Services www.trackaccess.co.uk UK A10

TAS provide specialist survey services for the transport and construction industries. For Rail Operations they organise all aspects of live track data collection, as Bentley Development Partners they combine TAS Positional Video in Microstation with Laser Pointcloud Survey, post processing data for 3D modelling scheme design and asset capture.

+ Trimble www.trimble.com USA L1

They apply technology to make field and mobile workers in businesses and government significantly more productive. Solutions are focused on applications requiring position or location—including surveying, construction, agriculture, fleet and asset management, public safety and mapping.

+ UNDET www.undet.com Lithuania B7

Reality capture and data processing are their daily operations that go hand in hand with superior software development dating back to 1997. They are now present in UK and they offer excellent solution for users who want to efficiently derive as-built documentation for multiple laser scanning tasks in AutoCAD.

+ University College London www.cege.ucl.ac.uk UK N14

UCL’s Geomatics group is involved in the science, engineering and modelling of measurements and data – ranging from space-based measurements of the Earth down to micron level observations using lasers and optical techniques. UCL will be showcasing highlights from or scanning, BIM, GIS and big data computing projects.

University of East London www.uel.ac.uk/ace UK E5
University of Leicester www.le.ac.uk/geography/research/unit_llru.html UK A4
+ Veesus www.veesus.com UK B2

Specialising in the visualisation, exploitation and animation of huge PointClouds, 3D models and GIS data. If you collect, edit, analyse, register, reverse-engineer, create videos, present or simply view pointcloud data, from any scanner, Arena4D is the ideal end product.

Viametris www.viametris.fr France K13
Virtalis www.virtalis.com UK M15
+ Vivax-Metrotech www.vxmt.com UK B1

A leading provider of high-quality utility locating solutions for underground utilities. The companies’ products are used throughout the world. Products displayed are the industry leading GPS enabled VlocPro2 Precision Underground Utility Locator, vCam5 pipeline inspection system, VM880 buried cover locator and much more.

+ Wroclaw Institute of Spatial Information and Artificial Intelligence www.wizipisi.pl?lang=en Poland E4

A young company that is dynamic and focused on knowledge engineering (semantic web/linked data), data exploration and intelligent GIS. Their goal is to provide products, services and solutions based on cutting edge scientific and technological achievements.

+ XYZ Maps www.xyzmaps.com UK C11

Providers of Xtreme Accuracy Postcode Boundaries, Royal Mail PAF, XYZ World, Ordnance Survey & other GIS data, MapInfo, Avenza Systems MAPublisher & Geographic Imager, plus training and consultancy. XYZ are long established specialists in maps, digital cartography and GIS. If you want to map your business information just ask us!

+ Z+F UK Laser www.zf-uk.com UK L10

A leading manufacturer of phased based laserscanners used extensively throughout the world where reliability plus accurate data acquisition is of critical importance. Manufacturing the IMAGER range since the early 90s Z+F are a leader in this market sector offering many new features, including HDR colour and thermal imagery.

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