GEO Business Question Time 2017

Most people are familiar with the BBC’s Question Time, but for the uninitiated it is a topical debate programme hosted by the resplendent David Dimbleby, where a panel of guests answer questions posed by the audience. Well the GEO Business Question Time wasn’t televised on the BBC and sadly David Dimbleby was unavailable but there was an exciting array of panellists presided over by industry expert Antony Oliver who will fielded topical questions focusing on the theme, ‘What is the future of the geospatial industry’ resulting in a heart-felt debate that was open to anyone that visited GEO Business.

“This was a great opportunity for our profession to pause for a moment and look into the future and realise what sort of shape our businesses need to be in to be able to embrace the huge leaps in technology that are forecast.” Mike Hopkins, The Survey Associated (TSA) Representative.

You can watch the GEO Business Question Time debating ‘The future of the geospatial industry’ at

Panellists include:

Ed Parsons
Geospatial Technologist
Ed Manley
Lecturer in smart cities
University College London
Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA)
Miranda Sharp
Head of Smart Cities Practice
Ordnance Survey
Mike Hopkins
The Survey Association


if you have any questions about this session, please contact Caroline Hobden, [email protected]

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