Outside displays

The following systems were on display at the entrance to GEO Business 2017:


3D Laser Mapping

Fully flexible and customisable solutions for any mobile laser mapping for the full range of user applications. Proven and reliable survey-grade measurements can be captured using both a full or portable system. Their team of highly trained laser scanning experts offer worldwide, dedicated training and customer support from installation and data capture to data processing

Leica Pegasus:Two

Leica Geosystems

A complete mobile mapping solution from hardware to object extraction from Leica Geosystems. The Leica Pegasus:Two solution provides an integrated hardware platform including cameras and lidar profilers with an external trigger and sync output for additional sensors. Simply fly-in, collect, then fly-out – no dedicated, modified vehicles are required – batteries included, measure the unlimited.

Trimble MX8


Mobile data capture is already making giant inroads into geospatial requirements for a range of industry sectors. These include highway planning and asset management; building compliance and construction; corridor mapping for utilities, oil, and gas companies; public safety and law enforcement projects; marine/coastal mapping; and open pit mining. All these requirements have a common need for rapid turnaround, high resolution output with accurate feature extraction, and – of course – value for money. Trimble’s mobile mapping systems integrate industry leading geo-referencing technologies with precise high speed laser scanning and high resolution imaging sensors. Stop by our outdoor area at GeoBusiness to see how you can enable these solutions to address key opportunities in these markets.



Smaller, lighter and easier to handle, the IP-S3 HD1 weighs just 18kg and has been designed to change the way we map. Its compact design and single-person quick-release roof mount make the process much easier. Just fit it onto any vehicle and it’s ready to collect a substantial amount of data quickly. There’s no need for multiple field visits to get missing information, or long mapping sessions. Just drive at normal speeds and let the IP-S3 collect all the data you need, whether it’s for asset management, topographic mapping, surveying or geo-enabled applications. The survey-grade mapping technology has been designed to give the user a streamlined workflow. With an intuitive single-software package, a high density scanner and a high resolution panoramic camera, the IP-S3 makes data collection easier, more precise and smarter. The IP-S3 can be hired from Topcon and GEO Business visitors can view the system on the Topcon stand at the event.

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