Quadriga Consulting and GEO Business Show Organisers Survey Local Authorities on Mapping

An online survey of UK local authorities is being undertaken by UK based research firm Quadriga Consulting in partnership with the organisers of the GEO Business Show, due to take place in London in late May 2017. The survey is attempting to paint a more detailed picture of the types of citizen reported location data being utilised by local authorities.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that local authorities across the UK are mapping more and more information to improve service provision. Geolocation data, when overlaid on digital maps, creates the opportunity to provide greater visualisation of information that could be useful for council operational staff and citizens.

With the roll-out of non-emergency reporting tools on mobile devices, local authorities can make citizens their most important fact-finders – reporting anti-social behaviour, dog-fouling, fly-tipping and pot-holes – from right across the council area.

According to Jeff Peel, of Quadriga Consulting, “We have prepared a simple-to-complete online questionnaire that can be completed by UK local authority staff. It only takes a few minutes. If enough councils complete the questionnaire, we’ll be able to build a picture of the types of initiatives being taken by councils to have citizens report location data. We know also that some councils are using their own staff to gather information across towns, cities and counties. We’d like to get a better idea of just how many are doing this and the nature of the information that’s being gathered. We also want to know about which mapping software is being used.”

Caroline Hobden of the GEO Business Show said, “We’re offering a free place to local authority delegates who complete the survey questionnaire. We’re keen to get a better idea of how local authorities are using mapping tools to improve public service provision. We’ll also work with Quadriga Consulting to make the survey findings public after the show.”

Council officials wishing to complete the questionnaire can do so online now.




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