2016 Alphabetical list of Workshops – the 2017 list will be available here in early 2017

The GEO Business commercial workshops are FREE to attend for trade professionals. Here is a list of the 2016 workshop sessions and the full programme can be downloaded in the link below:

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3D Laser MappingN1Improving measurement accuracy: Introducing the new processing tools in SiteMonitor 4D and how they have integrated different data-types to improve measurement accuracy.Room 124th1315
3DReshaperD11New 3D scanner software features: Focus on main and new features available in the 2016 version and take another look on the surface analysis module. Room 525th1445
AerialtronicsE2Integrating UAV Captured Data in Infrastructure ManagementRoom 524th1530
Applications in CADDN2What's new in CAD, mapping and modelling? AiC are celebrating 30 years in business as one of the UK's leading suppliers of CAD, Mapping and Modelling software. See what's new! Room 524th1145
ArithmeticaG10How to make the best use of data collected: Data is collected at a phenomenal level of detail, and provides the ability to exactly measure and model structures. The challenge comes when making the best use of the data collected.Room 525th1400
ATLOG - Sogelink GroupM13Surveying and GIS field software: For data capture and Autocad drawing in the field, everything appears before your eyes in real time with LAND2MAP. Room 425th1530
Avenza SystemsC11GIS-Produced maps on mobile devices: Find out more about using GIS-produced maps on mobile devices and making them available, with all locational abilities intact, to your mobile workforce or your constituents for navigation, facilities and site management and data collection. Publish all your maps direct to mobile devices via the included iTunes-like digital map store.Room 324th1315
AziMapB11Create, edit, publish and visualise your geographic information using Azimap: Learn how is being used by Irelands local authorities to create dynamic interactive responsive maps to display geospatial information. Using Azimap organisations or individuals can create unlimited data sets and map views to display their geospatial information. Room 425th1100
CadlineB9OS Data model builder: Cadline and Ordnance Survey are partnering to offer a new OS Data model builder creating intelligent 3D models within Infraworks.Room 124th1145
Caledonian Air SurveysN18Cost-effective aerial survey photography: Bridging the capability gap - cost-effective aerial survey photography using medium-format cameras in light aircraftRoom 125th1445
Capturing RealityK19RealityCapture software: A new software for automatic processing of laser-scans and/or images: alignment, meshing, colouring/texturing and more. Unlimited, fast and accurateRoom 525th1315
Carlson SoftwareM9Say goodbye to traditional UHF radios in GNSS surveying: Using Carlson Connect as a replacement for traditional UHF radios in GNSS surveying. Communication moves to the cloud.Room 424th0930
CATSURVEYS GroupN13Underground utility detection: A practitioners point of view with deliverables giving an overview of best practises, deliverables on offer and the latest technology. Room 125th1100
Certainty 3DH5Automatic tools for extracting topographies and more: TopoDOT automatic tools for extracting topographies, 3D models and GIS information from point cloud and image data. Room 524th1100
ClearEdge3DG9New technologies for automated modelling and construction validation: Understand the newest technologies for 3D modelling and verification of construction output.Room 224th1015
Copernicus ECMWFN23Copernicus, the European Union's flagship for climate and atmospheric analysis: Copernicus and the data it offers an overview how Copernicus is equipping society, policy-makers and industry to mitigate climate threats, adapt to change and capitalise on opportunities.Room 424th1015
Delair-TechL23IMU precision used by Delair-Tech drones: A perfect match to improve accuracy, reduce optional costs and increase overall efficiencyRoom 524th1615
DotProductN9Handheld 3D scanning straight to modelling in minutes: See how the DotProduct DPI-8 Kit is changing the industry.Room 325th0930
Drilline ProductsF8GPR utility mapping & post processing: Drilline Products Look at the current and future GPR technology, in particular the developing utility mapping marketRoom 125th1015
Earth-iA11High yemporal resolution data: Earth-i will explore the increasing demand for high temporal resolution data and the applications developing that are demanding such data.Room 424th1615
emapsiteK16Greater insight for asset managers: Ground-based photographic site surveys, compiling multi-site spatial asset inventory, connecting to rich geo-data, visualisation and web reporting.Room 425th1445
EMBRACEE5System updates, GNSS and Copernicus: Hear an update on the status of global GNSS systems and the EU Copernicus System.Room 225th0930
EternixL16The GIS-platform 'Blaze Hub' and its unique capabilities: 'Blaze Hub' enables 3D application integration and high performance big-data handling while uniquely allowing collaborations across the organisation.Room 424th1100
FARO UKM27Automating the point cloud modelling process: A look at the latest tools for automating the point cloud modelling process for fast and accurate 3D deliverables.Room 524th1400
Geo-4DL28Utilising Photogrammetry for the production of engineering drawings: Photogrammetry: the generation of point cloud data sets, interpretation and the production of engineering drawings. Room 124th0930
GeoSLAMM24Next generation of indoor mobile mapping: Introducing the next generation of indoor mobile mapping systems for cost effective and rapid mapping without the need for GPS.Room 325th1315
GeoSolutionsK9Create interoperable spatial data infrastructures (SDI) using GeoServer software: The workshop will provide an an introduction to using GeoServer for the creation of interoperable SDIs, focusing on the latest release.Room 425th1400
GLM LasermesstechnikM6Industrial measurement applications: How Sokkia instruments are used in sub millimetre positioning for industrial measurement applications.Room 224th1445
GPR ProF5How ground penetrating radar adds value to solve traditional industry problems: GPR Pro provide structural surveys and high density utility surveys based on IDS Stream EM. They offer a competitive offshore GPR data post-processing service and industry recognised GPR Training.Room 325th1145
Group BCJ16What's GEOBIM The benefits of bringing BIM, Geospatial and open data together in your browser.Room 224th1400
Guideline Geo – ABEM MALAD9MALA HDR - What can it do for you? How can single frequency GPR improve upon dual frequency systems? Find out!Room 125th1145
Headwall PhotonicsK7The Nano Hyperspec System: for hyperspectral sensor requirements with the best in class resolution, performance and payload.Room 124th1100
Hemisphere GNSSH15Advances in Global GNSS: Hemisphere GNSS, a leading manufacturer of GNSS and high-precision DGNSS technology will discuss current advances in Global GNSS services. Room 225th1015
ImajingL9Compact mobile mapping system for asset management and monitoring: Learn how imajbox® enables cost-effective GIS field data collection on large-scale transportation infrastructures for asset management and monitoring.Room 324th1530
K-MATIC (a KOREC Group company)K5TV's golf coverage pulls in industry services not just for surveys! How TV's golf coverage uses the best our industry has to offer from UAVs to GPSRoom 425th1015
K-MATIC (a KOREC Group company)K5Open source GIS: Why it's made for handling large datasets from multiple sources (handheld GNSS, mobile mapping, point clouds, BYOD)Room 424th1400
Landmark Information GroupB6Leveraging open data: As Ordnance Survey and DEFRA unleash even more data, how can commercial organisations deliver even better resources / experiences to clients?Room 424th1445
Landmark Information GroupB6Environmental risk assessments: Using web / mobile apps and embedded geospatial data, consultants can now accurately understand specific environmental risks and build conceptual site models.Room 425th1315
Laser TechnologyL10GIS field data collection using smart devices: Learn how to increase GIS field data collection workflow efficiency utilising smart devices and apps with compact total station laser rangefinders.Room 424th1315
Leica GeosystemsG2Bringing reality into BIM and BIM into reality: Adopting a BIM process in a digital construction project means more than building efficiently - it's a process that needs to bring reality into BIM and BIM into reality.Room 224th1100
Leica GeosystemsG2Field data capture for everyone - Innovations in simplicity: Make the capture and updating of authoritative data easy and straightforward using the Leica Zeno 20 handheld data collector. No need to rely on specialist survey expertise or knowledge, as survey grade accuracy and attribute rich data can be collected by everyone at a fraction of the cost.Room 225th1445
Mabey Hire Live Instrumentation K33Environmental monitoring instruments and detectors: Mabey Hire has announced the launch of its enviroguard, featuring a modular range of instruments and detectors to provide unprecedented environmental monitoring. Room 325th1530
Mantis VisionK14The 3D scanning World in 2020 – Professional amongst consumer and the synergy between the two.Room 525th0930
MapActionE4GIS in humanitarian context: Find out more about how GIS can be applied to humanitarian contexts, exploring some of the challenges faced by MapAction volunteers as they map changing and often unpredictable humanitarian contexts. Room 425th0930
Mapgeosystem CompanyA6UAVs' inspection and analysis: Integrated and system approach to UAVs' inspection. Data systematisation with further analysis and processing. Room 324th1615
McCarthy Taylor Systems - LSSN15The simple way to work with land survey data: LSS v10 software - a refreshingly simple approach to working with traditional land survey data and pointclouds.Room 524th1015
MD3DM24Brand NEW! Innovative Surphaser Laser Scanner: MD3D brings you their innovative surphaser laser scanner and accessories for clean, sub-mm accurate, survey data. Room 324th0930
MetiData3DN20The MetiCloud engine performs large scale automated alignment and meshing of 3D LiDAR dataRoom 124th1615
MGISS (Mobile GIS Services)Improving the accuracy of field data cost-effectively Difficulties matching existing and legacy data? Find out how to reconcile discrepancies between GNSS (GPS) and map errors (Ordnance Survey) as we uncover some of the common misconceptions, pros and cons of some of the available solutions and help you choose the most cost-effective technology for the job. Room 224th1315
MicroSurvey SoftwareJ13CAD design solution For surveyors: 'MicroSurvey CAD 2016 - Powered by IntelliCAD Field to finish has never been this easy. Available in five different editions, MicroSurvey CAD is the design solution engineered especially for surveyorsRoom 525th1530
Murphy SurveysG5Monitoring of tunnels and structures: Examples on tunnel monitoring using different technologies and various reporting software on projects for Network Rail and London Underground.Room 124th1445
NCTechM20Rapid, high precision 360º imaging: Utilisation of iSTAR 360° imaging for both rapid HDR point cloud colourisation and also low cost 3D reconstruction through photogrammetry software.Room 524th1445
nFramesD12Implementing algorithms for the production of large scale mapping projects: The software SURE implements algorithms for production of large scale mapping projects with thousands of images for the retrieval of Point Clouds, DSMs, True Orthophotos and Textured Meshes.Room 124th1015
NRG SurveysA9The application of BIM: For an integrated approach to materials take off, setting out and measurements for earthworks and drainage. Room 225th1400
Opti-Cal Survey EquipmentH1A Hands-On Look at the Latest in 3D Laser Scanning: The GeoSLAM Revo is a highly versatile mobile mapping system, perfect for surveying in testing conditions and challenging locations.Room 324th1445
OR3DB43D Laser scanning support human flight World record attempt: Learn how handheld 3D laser scanning in a dynamic and hostile environment, is being used to support a human flight world record attempt. Room 224th1530
Orbit GTJ15Optimised workflow expertise for mobile mapping: All-purpose optimised workflow expertise for mobile mapping, from collection to sharing, from road to rail and beyondRoom 325th1445
Planet LabsE7Earth imaging satellites: Planet Labs designs, builds, and operates some of the world's largest constellation of Earth-imaging satellites.Room 225th1100
Premier Energy ServicesL15Utility information all on one plan: Introducing PALM service where all the utility information is transposed on to one map and the online dynamic pricing engine for utility searches.Room 125th0930
Resource GroupA12Remotely piloted aerial survey- Having trained in excess of over 1,000 Remote Pilots and with a successful Service Delivery team providing aerial imaging, inspection and surveying, Resource Group are well placed to advise on which path to take when it comes to hiring dedicated service providers or growing the capability of using unmanned aircraft yourself.
Room 125th1400
RIEGL Laser Measurement SystemsN1Farther, faster, better: Innovative processing architecture: The NEW RIEGL VZ-400i enables data acquisition and simultaneous geo-referencing, filtering and analysis in real-time. Room 324th1100
RoutesceneN16UAV LidarPod®: UAV Operational considerations of undertaking a UAV LidarPod® survey, then looking at the workflow of processing the data in the field. Room 125th1315
SCCS - The Survey Equipment CompanyG10Deformation monitoring: Using WisenMeshNet Wireless Tilt Meters and Vibrating Wire Technologies. The use and integration of these and other bespoke sensors with ATS data into a central database system using the Leica Geosystems GeoMoS and Geo MoS Now! monitoring solution.Room 124th1400
SEEABLEF17Visualisation of 3D models - Let's not get technical! Visualisation of 3D models and survey data has many benefits. This workshop demonstrates how to make technical data available to non-technical people, in a non-technical way.Room 424th1530
SenceiveF16Unique wireless sensing: Senceive's FlatMesh unique wireless sensing is now integrated with cameras/imaging for flexible, stable, cost effective precise Remote Condition Monitoring.Room 124th1530
SkylineGlobe UKF1Applications for 3D visualisation: Applications for PC, Android and iPad that use 3D geospatial data to build, view, query, analyse 3D virtual landscapes and city models. Room 525th1100
Sokkia and Precision GeomaticsM6Gyro surveying: Determine Azimuth Anywhere, Anytime. Realise faster and more accurate measurement. Directional controls for tunnel construction, Internal baseline set-up for enclosed spaces. Room 225th1530
SpatineoN14Spatial web services to save time and money: Generating value with spatial web services while saving costs and working time.Room 425th1145
SpotscaleA4Spotscale: Spotscale provides technology that uses advanced computer vision techniques to reconstruct buildings and urban environments in 3D from drone imagery. Room 224th1615
Storm GeomaticsJ2Revolutionary hydraulic modelling: Storm GeoRiver is breaking new ground in the hydraulic modelling industry. Come and see how a geospatial river survey is efficiently prepared to create a river model.Room 424th1145
TechnicsH9Multi-channel mobile GPR mapping - A surveyor’s current viewpoint and what the future holds. Room 224th1145
Teledyne OptechM10SwathTRAK and dynamic FOV surveying: LiDAR Innovation for High-Efficiency Mapping. To overcome the inefficiencies of fixed-FOV surveying in high-relief areas, Optech Galaxy uses a programmable oscillating scanner and real-time sensor protocol. Room 325th1100
TopconM1Commercial UAS for construction and survey: A look at the evolving regulation for commercial use of UAS and how they are changing the way data can be captured for construction and survey projects.Room 325th1015
TopconM1Terrestrial laser scanning and photogrammetry: Varied uses of terrestrial laser scanning and photogrammetry in selected applications: BIM, forensics and coastal and structure monitoring. Presented by Nick Russill of Terradat.Room 324th1015
Track Access ServicesA10Surveying and modelling for road and rail: Showcasing a wide array of products including PointCloud, Video, Virtual Reality Modelling and specialised mapping.Room 524th1315
TrimbleL1Enter the world of mobile imaging: Extracting high quality, valued information from next generation mapping systems and the ROI it generates for your business.Room 324th1145
TrimbleL1Productivity beyond GNSS: The Trimble R10 can measure points that other GNSS system cannot reach due to connectivity problems or physical obstructions. Learn how to maximise your productivity.Room 325th1400
UltraCam / Vexcel ImagingH13Capture the world from every angle: The complementary UltraCam systems capture the world from every angle: merging air, ground and indoor data for a truly virtual reality walkthrough (Technology Preview)Room 324th1400
UNDET Point Cloud SoftwareF15Efficient processing that drives productivity: Learn how to efficiently process massive pointclouds, improve 2D/3D/BIM workflows, reduce project timelines, drive productivity and save money. Room 524th0930
University of East LondonE5Surveying skills shortage: Can industry and education work together to tackle this burning issue?Room 224th0930
University of LeedsE5Are you a geospatial professional looking for academic recognition? Find out more about their flexible, part time distance learning courses. Room 525th1145
Velodyne EuropeN16Advancements in 3D LiDAR technology for mobile applications: Real-time, multi-channel, dual-return scanning for outdoor/indoor mapping and navigationRoom 125th1530
Vision SurveyJ10BIM within underground utility mapping: 'Vision Survey shows how BIM level 2 is used within Underground Utility Mapping environment using the latest technology.Room 225th1315
VUCITYK31Interactive 3D models: Exploring the applications of interactive 3D city models combined with GIS and custom data in game engines.Room 525th1015
XYZ MapsC11Create top quality internative and Zoomable web maps: In HTML5 format using Illustrator / MAPublisher. Truly cross platform and no webserver add-ons are needed. You don't even need to know HTML or deal with any other complex software issues.Room 225th1145
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